2010 In Review


January: My Grandmother died.  We were able to attend her funeral in Utah.  Sad occation, but I was happy to see everyone!

February: Snow!  And snow.  And snow.  Loved it.  Seriously.  I know a lot of people hated it here but I thought it was the best winter we’ve ever had here.  And probably WILL ever have here.  Since that was the most snow the area had in 100 years, it’s a pretty good bet we’re not going to be here in another 100 years.

March:  Pirate had surgery for a hydrocele.  And he came through with flying colors!  And he will probably have to do it again in 2011.  Rats!

April:  An adventure filled month with the boys breaking many things that month.  They also turned 2.  Coincidence?  I think not!

May:  Not only did Butterfly turn 5, but I moved my blog from blogger to it’s own domain.  Now that my feeds are working (see the little icon at the top to sign up!) it’s just perfect.  I love it here!

June:  We went to Utah for vacation!  We stayed a little over 2 weeks, and then we came back to Maryland with Juice’s niece (mine too, but she’s from his side of the family) Flower to stay with us.  I LOVE having her here.  And want her back next summer!  It’s super nice to have a helper.

July:  We spent the month filling it up with fun things to do around the area.  Flower and I watched way too many movies.  We went to the beach with friends.  My camera then died.  We spent the rest of the month desperately trying to cram more fun things into it.

August:  I went to BlogHer.  Then Flower went home and I was sad.  I hit 1000 posts on my blog.  Butterfly started kindergarten!  Still can’t believe how big she is.

September:  I turned 30!  My parents came to celebrate with me.  We again did some fun things in the area.  There are so many things to do here.  We’ve been here almost 7 years and we still haven’t seen everything.

October:  We went to Pennsylvania to the Ren Faire.  And stayed in a hotel!  And wore snazzy outfits!

November:  Juice went traveling for 2 weeks this month.  First to San Diego (where we are NOT moving, sad to say) and then to Chicago.  Also, Thanksgiving.

December:  The build up to Christmas.  Lots of fun parties!  And an eclipse!  And a lost tooth!  And then we’ve had the puke fest for 2010.  Where Pirate threw up one day.  Then a week later, me.  Then a day after me, Juice.  Then two days after that (today), Butterfly.  It’s been SUPER fun.

I hope that 2011 ends better than 2010 did!