NaBloPoMo, again


What is NaBloPoMo?  If you haven’t been with my blog for awhile, NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Posting Month.  I started it maybe 3 years ago to help me jump start my writing.  Here’s a description taken from the NaBloPoMo website:

“National Blog Posting Month is the epicenter of daily blogging! People who want to set the habit of blogging by doing it every day for a month, including weekends, can come here for moral support, inspiration, and the camaraderie that only marathon blogging can provide.”

Now here’s a bit of a secret.  Well, it’s not that big of a secret.  Last NaBloPoMo I didn’t stop after 30 days in November.  I wrote through the end of the year.  And then I just kept writing.  And today, I have written 367 days in a row.

Okay, yes, I know I haven’t writing them EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Especially this month.  But I have gone back and back filled those days.  So really, on paper (can I use that phrase here?) I have a post for every single day.

Ta da!  A whole year written!

Now what should I do?