On Wishes


During the boys’ nap today, Butterfly (grudgingly) watched 2 different movies about wishes.  I say grudgingly because she didn’t pick the movies out.  I did.  Because I’m just so sick and tired of hearing the same shows over and over and over.

Both of these movies we watched today involved wishes.  One, several kids had several wishes.  And the other, there was one wish that people were trying to win a race to get.  In each of the movies, the characters discussed what they should wish for before they actually made their wishes.  And every time, they made their wishes and it didn’t turn out as they wanted or expected.

It got me thinking about what I would wish for.  Would my wish be selfish?  Would I wish for something to benefit all of man kind?  Would I change the past?  Change the future?  Would I wish for something for my family?  My extended family?

In literature, wishes are often either about money or about kids.  Aladdin and his Genie were wishes all about money.  Thumbelina came to be because her mother wished for a child.  Some wishes are granted literally, “I want to be wealthy” may mean that the wisher wants to be wealthy right now or that he will be wealthy in the future.  As in, right before he dies future.

I think, a wish, should stay just that.  A wish.  It’s something to look forward to.  Something to hope for.  Something to work for.

As for my wish, I’m saving that one for my birthday cake in a few weeks.