QOTW: Valentines


This week’s question at Multiples and More is all about love.

How did you meet your Valentine?

I’ve talked about this one before.  Here.  And HERE is our first date.

Oh and hey, here’s Juice take on it!

Ahhh…young love!


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Tell a Story One Sentence at a Time


Once upon a time there was a man who was sitting on top of a hill.

He was very smart.

And then ghost-es came by and his brains fell out.

The ghost-es ate his brains and they had very good brains.

The man had good eye site.

Then his eye sight fell out.

And the ghost-es ate his eye sight and then they could see really well.

Then the man had very good taste.

But his mouth fell out!

And then the ghost-es had very slimy mouths to eat.

Well then his eye sight, and his mouth sight, and his nose sight and his brain sight were all eaten by the ghost-es.

And then he died.

And the ghost-es were happy and flew away.

The End.

My very good friend, Lala and I, were supposed to go to Ikea today.  But that didn’t happen.  See, her mom died suddenly last night.  So she and her husband are on their way to her mom’s house.  And I have her 2 kids until they come back later on this week.  It’s a good thing that we hang out so much.  Her kids are having a fabulous time.  So am I actually.  They all play so well together.

Tonight Juice got Vinny (Lala’s 6 year old) and Butterfly going on a game.  Have you guys ever played that game where you tell a story one sentence at a time?  They are LOVING that game.  (Above is one of their stories from tonight.)

Congrats to Melissa (as in Zuke &) for winning the $45 CSN store giveaway!  Shoot me an email at safirecat at gmail dot com and I’ll get your code to you.


Early Morning Musings


I typically don’t have anything (or any time) to post in the mornings. But today Juice took Butterfly to school for me (yay!) and so I have a few extra moments. I thought I’d share them with you! And in list form! Because that’s how I’m thinking lately.

1. Soot the puppy has become quite the dangerous animal to small rodents! She now has killed 2 rats, 2 mice, and one baby rabbit. On rat and baby rabbit in the past week. The baby rabbit was last night. She spent hours digging on our deck and barking. Juice came home (late) and pulled up the deck boards to see what was under there. We thought it was another rat. Soot pounced, killed and backed away. Juice picked it up to throw it out and discovered it was a baby bunny. And then we were sad! Interesting how happy we were when we thought it was a rat but sad when it was a bunny. She went right to the other side of the deck and has been out there all evening and morning barking and digging. Also, slobbering all over the deck. This time, we’re not pulling the boards up though!

2. Interested in winning a cool prize? Amy over at The Finer Things of Life has a really awesome cutter/crafter thing on sale. I REALLY want to win this…not sure why though. Maybe because I can use it to make vinyl letters and I want to put something on my wall. Also, it would be nice for scrap booking! So go and enter. If you win, I need to borrow it for at least…a year. Thanks!

3.  Juice picked Butterfly up from school on Monday (while I was taking my parents to the airport) and she told him a story about school.  I guess they were lining up to go inside from recess.  She heard a boy tell another boy that she looked really pretty that day.  Wow was she happy about that!  And oh boy…

4.  The winner of the Mastermind Tower game is: varunner7 from

Congrats! Email me your information by Saturday at safirecat at gmail dot com so I can send you the game!


Shopping, Shrieking, Sending, Oh my!


Shopping:  This morning, after Butterfly said good bye to her grandparents and was shipped off to school, the rest of us went shopping!  We also went out to breakfast.  And the toy store (just to browse…all I bought was a new child lock to replace the one that broke.)  And to the mall.  Did you know that Christmas is less than 100 days away?  Consider this a reminder.

Shrieking:  Coming home from the shopping, we discovered vermin in our house.  Again!  Except this time it wasn’t a little field mouse like that last two times we’ve had mice.  This was a rat.  A RAT.  In MY house.  It was a young rat.  And still fairly small.  But A RAT!  In MY house!

Lucky for us, Soot the doggie thinks that taking care of this for me is her ultimate job in life.  I don’t argue with it. EVER.  She made short work of the rat.  Lucky for me, Grandpa was still here and took it outside to the garbage can.  Ugh, a RAT!

(Side note, I know our neighborhood has rats.  People just don’t clean up well here and leave piles of stuff all over.  That brings rats, and rats breed more rats, etc.  I’ve seen them walking around the neighborhood a lot bigger than the one Soot just killed.  [This is her second rat.]  I was hoping we vermin proofed our house a ton last time.  Obviously not.)

Because of this rat, Juice actually cleaned out under our stairs.  Talk about a pile of stuff!  We found droppings all around the water heater so that’s where it got in.  Now how to seal it off…

Sending:  My parents went home today.  I miss having them around.  They make good company.  Also, they can be quite handy.  (See above.)

Suceess:  We have a winner of my birthday giveaway!  Congrats to my friend Valinda who was VERY enthusiastic of her promotion of my picture.  And even though I didn’t win (boo hoo), Valinda won $45 to spend at CSN for her, and her alone.  Happy spending Valinda!  Check your email!


Big Proud Smiles


Today was a big day for us.  And it was ALL about Butterfly.  Today was her kindergarten orientation.  Our baby is going to be in school!  All day!  Starting August 30th!  I’m a bit wigged out.  Is she really that old?  Didn’t she just look like this yesterday?

Nov Butterfly 6 month

Well that sweet cute baby is now big enough for school.  She was whisked away by some very enthusiastic teachers this morning and Juice and I filled out forms.  The boys went to a friend’s house.  Then we met with the principal, saw the school a little, and became overwhelmed.

There’s so much to think about with her going to school. I guess her school is very academic. They want them reading in 6 months. They do math, phonics, science, social studies every day. They also have special classes like gym, music, technology, etc one day a week. My 5 year old is going to have technology classes. I think my parents have a picture of me when I was about that age sitting in front of our brand new computer when they were super new. Now my daughter will have classes on how to use the things. Amazing.

Because we live in a very poor area, our school is allowed extra grant money for things. They have just redone the building and will have 3 new playground areas by the time she starts school. There are 56 kindergartners and if they get another one, they will have 4 classes of 14 kids each. If not, they get 3 classes of 18 (or so). I’m impressed with those numbers.

They also have a summer school program where they preview the first 9 weeks of school all through the month of July. It’s free. They give them breakfast and lunch. For free. It’s half day from 9-1pm. They bus the kids in and out. Again, for free. They strongly suggest that all the incoming kindergartners do it.

I’m torn. I want her to go, but I don’t want to give up my very last summer of having her all to myself. I want to be able to go downtown or swimming or just stay in our pjs all day long if we want to. I want to not have to worry about getting somewhere by 9am every day. I want to be in charge of her lunches.

But on the other hand, it would be great for her to try school out when there aren’t so many kids around. It would be great for her to ride the bus home every day while it’s fairly empty. It would be great for her to have some kind of school background before going into kindergarten since I’m 80% sure she will be the only child there that did NOT do preschool outside of the home.

What would you guys do?

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Juice’s Sick Day


Why is it when I get sick I have to soldier on and still try to keep the house together and feed children while feeling terrible but when Juice gets sick he gets to lock himself in our room and watch movies all day long?

Because that’s what happened today.  Looks like he caught the stomach thing that the kids had.  I DO NOT WANT THIS.  I have tons of stuff to do this week that I can’t put off.

So while he slept and watched non-animated movies uninterrupted, we went to a birthday party, ran a few errands, I worked for several hours while the boys slept, I got them dinner and did some planning for our upcoming trip.  So I basically had my normal day but had him always on my mind.  Plus, I was a super nice wifey and brought him broth and water in bed.

Hopefully he’ll be better by tomorrow and will go to work so I can have a normal day!

Tonight’s winner of the $10 Land’s End Gift card is…my Dad!  Congrats Dad and thanks for commenting.  I’ll bring your card next week.

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Rain Rain Come Again


We love the rain here. We love the sound it makes, the smell it makes, and the free ice cream scoops it makes. Wait, does it rain ice cream here in Maryland? Well if you go to Bruster’s while it’s raining it does!

Did you know that Bruster’s (aside from having amazing ice cream) that you get a free second scoop when it rains or snows? I bet you get a free second scoop if it’s hailing or sleeting as well, I’m sure. We LOVE Bruster’s not only for their free second scoops, but for their free baby cones for the kiddies under 32 inches, their free doggy sundaes for our puppy who LOVES ice cream, and for the free cone after you buy 9.

Tonight we didn’t tell the kids where we were going when we got in the car. As we pulled into the parking lot, all three of them because to scream, “Ice cream!” It was super cute. After several minutes in the rain deciding what to get, we took our wet selves back to the car and the kids proceeded to slime the car with goodness. Yum yum!

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Question of the Week: Identity


This week’s question of the week on Multiples and More blog is all about identity.

My twins are 2 years old.  And they look NOTHING a like.  One had brown hair.  One has brown eyes.  One has blond hair.  One has blue eyes.  One is bigger than the other.  Because they are fraternal, they just happen to be 2 siblings with similar genetic code that happened to be born on the same day from the same mother.  Me!

I’m not sure about this one yet.  The jury is still out.  I will see in 3 years when they go to school!

Right now, I keep them in the same activities.  They WANT to do the same thing.  They fight over the same toys (even if I have 2 of the same thing…they fight over ONE hammer of two)  If one has a blanket, the other wants one.  If one has a cookie, the other has to have one!  Too bad this doesn’t work with Professor and his eating dinner though…why is that?

Dressing the same…hmm….When I was pregnant with them I swore I would never dress them the same.  But then they came out and they were so stinking cute dressed alike!  So yes, I do dress them the same.  Occasionally.  I must prefer to have them wear coordinating clothes.  Like both wearing blue stripes, or one has orange shorts and one has an orange shirt on.  Or one has red shorts and the other has red overalls on.  You get the idea.  This also makes it easy on me and laundry.  Now if someone has a blow out or spills on their clothes, I don’t change the other one who is clean just to keep them matching!  Names…that’s a whole different story.  My only requirement for our names was for everyone to have different initials.  How else could I label things?

I think just treating them as they need, and not as I think they should.  Life is not always fair.  So different people need different things in their lives.  I hope that I will be able to give all of our kids what they need.  And by doing that, I will encourage their own individuality.

Welcome to my week of winners!  Today’s very first winner is my friend Susan @WhyMommy.  Susan won One and the Same: My Life as an Identical Twin and What I’ve Learned About Everyone’s Struggle to Be Singular by Abigail Pogrebin.  She can now read about how this identical twin went looking for her identity.

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