Hurricane Irene Aftermath


So.  We were prepared for Irene.  And then she blew over.

We got some rain.

We got some wind.

We lost power for about 2 minutes in the middle of the night.

Juice took the kids out the next day and checked out what kind of branches were blown over.

Hurricane Irene damage 2011

All in all, this was a very mild storm for us.

I’m glad I was prepared.


It’s Sunny


As horrible as yesterday was, we had the best day today.

The weather was perfect today.  High 60’s with a light breeze.  We spent at least 2 hours at the park, playing and running and having a marvelous time.  With friends!

We even ate lunch out, and then the boys (and their friend) slept soundly while I went to pick Butterfly (and a friend) up from school.  All by myself.

Then the big kids put a nice layer of chalk on our porch, the little kids watched a show, and me and my friend talked up a storm.

What a nice, nice day.


PS- Wondering what Juice is up to these days?  There’s a post about him here!

Ice Baby


Today school was closed because of an ice storm that started out as a beautiful snow storm.  Honestly, I didn’t think that they were going to close school.  The forecasters out here get the weather seriously wrong.  A lot.

And they were wrong today about the ice.  Sure they said that we would get ice but that sometime in the night it would change from freezing rain to regular rain and melt everything away.  No such luck.  We had about half an inch of crunchy ice on top of about half an inch of snow.

And what do we do when we have the day off of school for weather?  Our family ALWAYS goes outside and enjoys it!

family in ice

Juice was a good sport and allowed Pirate to hit him on the head over and over on the way home. Butterfly was tired by this time, and the dog had a great time (even if she insisted on jumping in the river and getting covered in ice cold water!)

toadstools on ice

This kind of shows off what kind of weather we had, although you can’t see the slick glaze of shiny stuff that covered every single thing.

Butterfly and ice chunk

Here is Butterfly showing off her piece of ice. She collected these all through the walk and ended up carrying to big pieces (like this one) in each hand. Crazy girl.

I must say, that I’ve only seen a handful of these ice storms and they are beautiful. I love how the ice just coats everything. Part of our walk took us through the woods behind our house and the bushes were so shiny. They also rattled and squeaked when we walked past them and brushed them. What a cool sound.

As much as I love seeing the ice, I hope it doesn’t stay around too long. I’m ready to have a normal day tomorrow (and not watch so much Strawberry Shortcake.)


Need a Shower?


If you are interested in visiting the Washington D.C. area at this time of year, make sure your hotel does not have a shower.  You will not need one!  At this time of year, all you have to do is wait until the afternoon.  Make sure it’s a good and humid day.  The more humid the morning, the better chance that you will have a better chance of the conditions being right.

Soon the bright hazy sun will start to darken.

Then black clouds will appear.

Dark Storm Clouds

A huge clap of thunder will announce that conditions are perfect!  It’s time to step outside and get your daily shower!

Butterfly in Rain

Clothing is optional since you will be soaked to the skin in a matter of seconds.  You will have plenty of time to soap up and rinse off as well, since these showers will last about 20 minutes.

Very Wet

Just another good tip about the DC area from one who knows.