My Day’s Check List


I’m too tired to do a proper post about what we did today so you get the check list version.

  1. Meet Lolli at my house at 8:45 am for an adventure!
  2. Drop Butterfly off at school, with Lolli, and then drive to the metro station for our adventure!
  3. Ride the train.
  4. Get off at correct stop.
  5. Find the National Capital Food bank.
  6. Walk two miles because that’s how far away it is from the metro.
  7. Curse seemingly simple directions.
  8. Join tour of Food Bank late but enjoy what we do see.
  9. Have lunch with our friends!
  10. Have friends take pity on us and drive us back to the metro.
  11. On the way, decide last minute that we should go see the cherry blossoms on the Tidal Basin.
  12. Drive past and realize that we’ve missed the blossoms.
  13. Go to Hain’s Point National Park instead and walk on the water.
  14. Throw sticks into the water.
  15. Throw chips into the water for the ducks.
  16. Throw rocks into the water.
  17. Meet a nice guy with fishing rod and cast a few lines in the water too.
  18. Get dropped off at the metro station.
  19. Ride home.
  20. RACE to the car because we are late picking Butterfly up from school.
  21. Thank Butterfly’s friend’s Grandma for hanging out with Butterfly at school.
  22. Thank her again.  A lot.
  23. Whisk kids back to our house.
  24. Go play at the park for half an hour.
  25. Convince kids to go back inside because mommy is TIRED.
  26. Welcome Juice home.
  27. Take kids and Juice to Butterfly’s school for Family Learning Night and pizza.
  28. Watch Butterfly make a puppet.
  29. Watch Juice from across the room try not to pull out his hair while the boys do their own “craft” of making confetti.
  30. Smirk over the fact that both the boys use scissors with their left hands.
  31. Think back and realize that they have both been using their left hands to eat and draw lately too.
  32. Go home.
  33. Put kids to bed.
  34. Fall asleep in bad position on bed.
  35. Wake up after about 10 minutes and start my chores.
  36. Clean dining room table from all the gooey loveliness.
  37. Vacuum cobwebs.
  38. Wash picture frames.
  39. Scrub kitchen floor.
  40. Write blog post.
  41. Take out contacts.
  42. Go to sleep.