Water Parks are Fun


(I am playing catch up from our trip to Utah this year to see family. I’m picking a few things to focus on and highlight every week until I am done. Enjoy!)

We were able to celebrate my sister in law’s (MusicAngel) birthday while we were in Utah.  We took the kids to an indoor pool.  It had a lazy river, a big water slide, a kiddie slide and more.  This was so much fun!

Splashing at the pool in Utah 2011

Well, everyone had fun but Professor.  He really doesn’t like to be splashed by water.  And there was a lot of splashing going on.  By the automatic water sprayers on the slides, and his cousin Cappy.  He started off excited to be in the water.  Then he got splashed, and cold, and ended the day sitting next to Grandpa wrapped in a towel to stay warm.

Lazy river Utah 2011

But the rest of us enjoyed the lazy river.  Butterfly especially.  She is getting to be such a good swimmer and I didn’t even have to worry about her getting in over her head.  She even jumped off the diving board and swam to the side all by herself.  And she went down the big water slide several times. The lazy river had a whirlpool off to the side and she spent most of the day swimming around there pretending some elaborate story.

Waterslide Utah 2011

Swimming Butterfly Utah 2011

After swimming we enjoyed some ice cream at home and then a nice dinner out with our family for MusicAngel’s birthday. What a fun day we had!


Vote for Us! Please!


This week at the Multiples and More site is their monthly installment of pictures.

All of them are REALLY cute.

But the cutest of all?  MINE.  (Of course.)

Grandkids2011 278

This is a picture of my boys and their cousin Cappy (who is in the middle).  Cappy and my boys are about 6 weeks apart in age and LOVE to play with each other.  Here, my dad caught them playing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes during a family photo shoot.

They are just so dang cute together!

Grandkids2011 311

So can you pretty, pretty please go over to the Multiples and More site and vote for our picture?  I don’t get anything but bragging rights and you don’t get anything other than being awesome.  And prettier.

So vote.  PLEASE!


Grandkids2011 268

Jungle Fun at Jungle Jim’s


(I am playing catch up from our trip to Utah this year to see family. I’m picking a few things to focus on and highlight every week until I am done. Enjoy!)

Our first day in Utah we decided to kill several birds with one stone and meet EVERYONE we could at a small indoor play land called Jungle Jim’s. It is full of kid friendly rides and kind of overpriced pizza. Of course, the kids had an amazing time. I had a good time flitting around and talking to everyone I could.

Who came? Nana, Grandma, Grandpa, Flower and her sister (The Other Flower), Splats my sister-in-law and her 5 kids (Rabbit, Bear, Finch, Angel and Seraph), Mink and her 3 girls (Spider, Fair and Minnie), and MusicAngel my other sister-in-law and her 2 boys (Cappy and Lev).

All the kids, Jungle Jims August 2011

Got that?

We rode rides. A lot of rides. Up and down rides.

Rocket Ride, August 2011

Round and round rides.

Round at Jungle Jims, August 2011

We drove cars.

Bumper Cars, August 2011

We had lots of pizza and soda.

Pizza Party August 2011

We spent time with our cousins.

Finch, Pirate, Rabbit August 2011

And we stopped at the candy machines on the way out.

Candy Machine Stop, August 2011

A fun way to say hello to everyone we could!


Annual Salt Lake City Temple Trip


Every year when we visit Utah, we take the kids into downtown Salt Lake City and visit the temple there.  The center of Salt Lake City is a square block with the temple and gardens on it.  Called Temple Square.  It is VERY beautiful and I always enjoy going.  Plus, it reminds me of the day that Juice and I were married, since we were married at that temple!

Salt Lake City Temple 2011

Floating Flower SLC Temple 2011

Temple Reflection Hotel Utah 2011

As per usual, my friend Mink joined us with her 3 girls, Spider, Fair and Minnie. Flower also joined us to help out. Because frankly, we had 8 kids and 3 adults. That calls for another hand! :)

Everyone SLC Temple 2011

Nana, me, Grandkids Temple Square 2011

These 2 are becoming such good friends!

Butterfly and Spider 2011

After Temple Square, we walked back to the car across the street and saw the Conference Center and the waterfall down the building. Plus, City Creek that runs right past it. I love that creek.

Butterfly Conference Center 2011

A great day in Salt Lake City, as always!


Fishing with Grandpa


(I am playing catch up from our trip to Utah this year to see family.  I’m picking a few things to focus on and highlight every week until I am done.  Enjoy!)

Our annual fishing trip with Grandpa continues to be a huge hit with the kids!  We always drive up to Trial Lake and fish on the lake for a bit.  On the way back down from the mountains, we stop at a family fishing pond and let the kids actually catch a fish.  Butterfly caught her first fish when she was 3 years old.  It was the boys turn!  Cousin Cappy came along and we had a blast.

The night before, we had gone out to dinner for Cappy’s Mom’s birthday.  I took the kids outside of the restaurant while the adults finished up.  There was a creek running past and we spent most of our time throwing rocks in the creek.  So our car ride up the mountain was peppered with questions from the 3 little boys, “Are we going to throw rocks?”

You can’t throw rocks in the lake because that scares the fish.  And that makes the fishermen mad.  So we found the little stream that ran out of the lake and threw rocks there.

3 boys throwing rocks

A three year old boy’s dream, let me tell you!

Once we got the fishing poles set up and ready, we fished!  We saw an albino fish hugging the shore and a bunch of little fish in the shallows.  We also saw a bald eagle fishing.  Amazing!

bald eagle fishing Trial Lake 2011

bald eagle Trial Lake 2011

After a nice picnic lunch, we headed down to the fish farm and let everyone catch a fish to take home.  (Well, to take to Grandma and Grandpa.  They seem to like them!)

Butterfly was the first to catch one, followed closely by each of the boys.

Butterfly caught a fish 2011

Cappy caught a fish 2011

Pirate caught a fish 2011

Professor caught a fish with Grandpa 2011

While we were helping the boys catch their fish, Butterfly was dangling her line in the water and just playing around with it.  She caught another one, with no bait!  Wow were we all surprised!

Butterfly caught a fish without bait 2011

Then everyone had to get another fish.  Pirate was SO happy to help Grandpa with his tools to take the hooks out of the fish.  Cappy wasn’t too sure about the whole thing, and Butterfly really wasn’t inrerested in touching the fish once we had put them in a bucket.

Cousins looking at fish 2011

We love to fish with Grandpa!

Fishing with Grandpa 2011


Utah Last Day


Tomorrow morning we fly home to Maryland.  It’s been a fun trip.  In ways, too long (we all miss our house) and in ways not long enough (we didn’t do all we wanted to do).

Today we spent the morning with my Nana, the kids’ Nana-Great.  She made us a yummy lunch of pancakes and sausage and then we let the kids play in her yard.  My cousins live next door so we were able to see Bee a little and play with her.  The kids really got into hide and seek which is a game I normally hate.  But if you have a whole yard to yourself to hide in, it’s a great game!

My mom and I got last year’s Cousin Camp photo book done.  This year’s is waiting on one or two pictures and then it will be done too.

Auntie L came over to take pictures of the kids with the blankets that she made.  Uncle MusicMan and his family came over to spend some time with us too.  BFF Mink came by and helped me pack some.  We have Flower with us because she is flying back with us tomorrow.

Now the summer can start.  We’ve got some great things planned.  Can’t wait!  See you in the eastern time zone!


Utah Day…um…15?


Today was full.  To the brim.

There was a kiddie pool.

There was a leaky hose which doubled as a sprinkler.
twins with sprinkler

There were naps (all around).

There was a trip to the mall and about 50 dresses tried on by me.  Nothing bought.

There was a dinner with Grandma and Grandpa.

There was a trampoline.
Pirate Jumping

There were bees.
Bees in Hive


Utah Day 13


We are coming into our last few days here in Utah and then it’s back to home and humidity.  We’ve loved being here but I think it’s time to go back to our own house and our own routine.  I, for one, am looking forward to having different shirts to wear instead of the same thing every.single.day.

Today my Dad and I joined I Heart Faces on their photo walk across America.  We had a blast taking pictures and meeting a bunch of people in the group and in Salt Lake.  I’ll show some pictures when I get a chance to go through them.  Here is one of the last ones I took today of my dad.


When we got home, I had to get everything ready for our annual friend bbq.  We had just a few people this time, and were missing some key friends.  However, it was still a great time.  We all sat around the table and chatted while the kids ran screaming (literally) around the yard.  Heaven.

The kids didn’t get to bed until after 10pm tonight so tomorrow is going to be awesome, I can tell.


GMYBS- Mountains


Joining Lolli again this Friday with my best shot of the week.
Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk

It was hard to choose one this week because I’ve taken so many and a lot of them I’ve really liked.  But this one stood out to me.  I have lots of pictures of Butterfly walking away from the camera in scenic places.  Let’s just add this one to the many.

Girl Trail Mountains

This is from the hike we did and I got so sunburned. The mountains still have snow on the tops. If you look at the big mountain in the front, it looks like it has had stitches. It burned 2 years ago while we were visiting and they did that so it wouldn’t erode so badly with the snow run off.

I love Butterfly’s hand running through the grass at the side of the trail.  She seems so content to just be walking where she is.  I’d like to be like that more often.


Utah Day 9


Today was spent playing at Juice’s sister’s house. Juice’s parents were there as well so it was one big crazy time. Between the two of us, we have 8 kids. 7 of them are 5 and younger. Boy did we have a good time.

Twin Cousins

There was watermelon to eat. There were squirt guns to play with. And there was a toy vacuum for Professor. Butterfly said it was one of her best days ever. And, “Can we please play with cousins more often?” I wish…I wish.


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