Netflix Has the Good Stuff


Tonight we had some friends of Jucie’s over for dinner.  As they came in and met the kids, Butterfly pipes up with this gem:

“We’re watching She-Ra on Netflix.  Netflix has some awesome stuff and this is really good.  Netflix only has the good stuff.  And it’s new too!”

Of course, then I had to explain to her that She-Ra was the cartoon that I used to watch as a little girl.  But it’s new to her and that is what matters.

Other things that Netflix has:

Things that Netflix doesn’t have:

Get on that Netflix, okay?  Especially the My Little Pony show.  I have a 6 year old who would LOVE it.  And then maybe I could enjoy that instead of the new Care Bears (which, frankly, I hate.)

What show do you remember from your childhood?


Thoughts on Kids Shows


I admit, my kids watch their fair share of tv.  Even though we don’t have cable, we have Netflix streaming on our Wii and we watch that.  Every one of my kids can turn the tv on, turn the Wii on, and get a show going.  We do have a few rules with it.

  1. No tv before school.
  2. No tv until everyone is done eating.  Such as, if Juice and I linger over our plates after dinner, the kids can’t turn on a show until we say that we are done.  Sometimes it takes too long and they end up playing until bedtime.  I like those days.
  3. Everyone takes turns picking a show.  Okay, mostly we fight with Pirate to let everyone else pick a show.
  4. Mommy can switch shows if she just can’t take it any more.

That last rule is new.  Because there is only so many times that I can listen to Dora the Explorer yell, “Say it LOUDER!”  Why does she insist on yelling everything?  Her head and eyes bug me too.  And I can’t help but wonder if Boots the monkey got his name before of AFTER his red boots.

I know too many songs that I really didn’t want to know.  Like the backpack song on Diego.  Or the Care-A-Lot song from Care Bears.  Also, this stupid Missing Lynx show that Pirate is obsessed with drives me out of the room.  And I can’t remove it from the cue or hide it…he searches and FINDS it.

But it is helping the rest of my house stay clean!