GMYBS- Mountains


Joining Lolli again this Friday with my best shot of the week.
Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk

It was hard to choose one this week because I’ve taken so many and a lot of them I’ve really liked.  But this one stood out to me.  I have lots of pictures of Butterfly walking away from the camera in scenic places.  Let’s just add this one to the many.

Girl Trail Mountains

This is from the hike we did and I got so sunburned. The mountains still have snow on the tops. If you look at the big mountain in the front, it looks like it has had stitches. It burned 2 years ago while we were visiting and they did that so it wouldn’t erode so badly with the snow run off.

I love Butterfly’s hand running through the grass at the side of the trail.  She seems so content to just be walking where she is.  I’d like to be like that more often.


Utah Day 3


Today we went to the Zoo!  A list of things we did there:

It was a good day at the zoo here.  We saw many animals and Butterfly did eventually perk back up after lunch.  And my boys fought over Cappy’s single stroller while he happily rode in the boys’ double stroller.  And Butterfly was missing her little place in Bob so she could sit down and ride too.

Just another fun day on vacation!


PS- I do have pictures on my computer but it is VERY late and I’m exhausted.  Look for them soon though.