Thankfulness, Part 3


Today’s list:

  1. Cheap movie tickets.  Now we could actually go to the movies and see something!  I think I have 3…no…4 movies I want to see in the theater.  These tickets will help me out!
  2. Trying to organize myself for Black Friday.  This will be my first time out!
  3. Dogs and the GOOD news they bring.
  4. Antibiotics for Butterfly.  Her cough is just so wet and yucky.  Hopefully she’ll sound better soon (because she feels just fine.)
  5. Cooler Temperatures.  Makes moving boxes a whole lot easier!


Thankfulness part 2


I’ve decided to write a week of thankfulness posts.  Here’s today’s:

  1. Children who behave in Home Depot.  They’ve been in that store 3 times this week.
  2. Long walks with friends.  Washing machines.  Boys who notice puddles and won’t stop talking!
  3. Thrift stores and longer pants for Pirate.  New pants for me too!
  4. Free long distance to call my Mom who has the week off.  Yay!
  5. Advil.

Happy Thanksgiving Week!




Because I can, here is a list of things that I am thankful for.

  1. Totally awesome primary lessons (that I taught!) and seeing kids ‘get’ what I’m trying to say.  Even if I did have to be a meany and separate all the older boys because they were being disruptive!
  2. My calender.  I don’t think I could do all the things I do without it.  And in a few weeks, I get to go pick out a new one!
  3. New lights in my kitchen.  Hey, did you know that my kitchen is not a dark cave?  Me either!  New found knowledge for everyone!
  4. Kids who go to sleep willingly after a VERY long day for them and no naps.
  5. Walk in hours at the doctor, starting at 8am tomorrow morning.  Guess who is going to visit?  Butterfly!  She has had a cough for weeks now, and it’s starting to sound very wet.  Time to get it looked at.

What a week of being thankful!




On this Thanksgiving day 2010, I have been forcing myself to think of things I am thankful for.  Without going into much details, we’ve been having to make some major decisions that affect our family and our future.  It has put me in a major funk of crying, wringing my hands, and insomnia.

Last week, I vowed to do better.  I vowed to pick one thing I was thankful for, and embrace it for the day.  Here’s my list.

Sunday:  I’m thankful for my church and the faith that I have that things will work out.  That God has a plan for me.  And while I may hate the path I’m headed down sometimes, it will be for the best.  In the end.  I’m also thankful for my wonderful calling (job in church) and all the fun I have working with the children and my fellow presidency members.  Love those ladies!

Monday:  I am thankful for technology.  Not only can I talk Juice on the other side of the country, I can let everyone know the details of my life in an instant.  I love finding out all kind of information at a moments notice.  From finding out how many quarts are in a gallon (4) or the latest news in a friend’s life, I am thankful for the ability to do these things.

Tuesday:  I am thankful for books and book club.  Seriously, it’s a monthly breath of fresh air to have intelligent conversations with other people that did not involve too much whining.  It’s also enjoyable to be stretched with my reading.  I have read some pretty amazing books lately and have found a small love of books about boats or tragedies.  Or both.

Wednesday:  I am thankful for my husband.  He truly is my other half, the one I can rely on.  He is my glaicer (for his patience), and has an amazing faith.  I treasure his insights and his teasing.  He is also pretty amazing coming home from a business trip and doing all the kid stuff without asking because he knows I need a break.

Thursday:  I am thankful for a good school for Butterfly.  I know I stressed about this a lot before school started.  But now that we’re over 50 days into it, both she and I are loving it!  I feel like part of a community with her school.  We have friends.  We are known.  And I love that Butterfly is learning so very much in such a wonderful environment.

Friday:  I am thankful for my kids.  They are pretty special and amazing.  I won’t go on, because the blog is really kind of dedicated to how awesome they are.  And really, they are!

Saturday:  I am thankful for friends and family, both near and far.  I am thankful for people who care about me and who I can turn to in a moments notice.  I’m thankful for others for showing me how to be a better friend and allowing me to practice this new skill on them.  And they still like me after!

Sunday:  I am thankful for our house, as tiny as it is.  It’s the only home our kids have known (and the walls show it!)  It keeps us dry, warm, cool, and anchored.  I am thankful for a job that allows us to have this house, for my pictures on the wall to make it homey, and for a bed in to to rest my head.  And a comfy bed at that!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


The Day In Numbers


6:30 am, when Professor decided he was up

1 actual breakfast eaten

10 minutes of van vacuuming (seriously, how many gold fish can be in the car?!)

36 rolls made

1 turkey, currently in brine on my porch (cold!)

1 eaten with honey butter

3 five year olds playing at the park

1 bored (and cold) Mommy along for the ride

1 out of shape dog chasing half of the balls I threw

1 massive headache

3 nasty diapers from Mr. Professor, aka -Tummy Hurt!

1 Daddy, happy to be home!

1 dinner shared with 2 boys

1 show

3 bed times

10 carrots washed, pealed, chopped and prepped

6 green onions sliced

6 celery stalks washed

1 bunch rosemary washed

1 bunch sage washed

1 large onion quartered

1 time line written down

5 lbs of potatoes to wash and peal tomorrow

1 bed, demanding my attention