Playing Catch Up: Summer Edition 5


Every year during the summer our bishop (the leader of our congregation) opens his summer camp to us for the day and we have a huge pool party. We go every year, shimmering heat or rain. Of course we always have fun swimming with our ward family. This year was no exception!

Pirate was obsessed with going under the water. Obsessed. It was all he did.

Pirate under water July 2012

Professor was content to float around on his 5 pool noodles. He can push himself around the pool by kicking and watch everyone play.

Professor floating July 2012

I didn’t get any pictures of Butterfly or Juice in the pool because I was tied to the stairs saving Pirate’s life every third dive or so. My BFF Lolli took pity on me and hung out talking. She also took our annual picture on the pool alligator.


Whoops, not that one!

Family in Pool July 2012

Juice played water ball with all the guys, and then street hockey. Every year, someone gets hurt in that street hockey game. He said the threat of danger makes it fun. Okay.

After all that playing, a good dinner of grilled stuffs and salads, we went home tired. I think all the kids fell asleep in the car and cried when we put pjs on them. Note for next year: bring pjs to change into!


Water Parks are Fun


(I am playing catch up from our trip to Utah this year to see family. I’m picking a few things to focus on and highlight every week until I am done. Enjoy!)

We were able to celebrate my sister in law’s (MusicAngel) birthday while we were in Utah.  We took the kids to an indoor pool.  It had a lazy river, a big water slide, a kiddie slide and more.  This was so much fun!

Splashing at the pool in Utah 2011

Well, everyone had fun but Professor.  He really doesn’t like to be splashed by water.  And there was a lot of splashing going on.  By the automatic water sprayers on the slides, and his cousin Cappy.  He started off excited to be in the water.  Then he got splashed, and cold, and ended the day sitting next to Grandpa wrapped in a towel to stay warm.

Lazy river Utah 2011

But the rest of us enjoyed the lazy river.  Butterfly especially.  She is getting to be such a good swimmer and I didn’t even have to worry about her getting in over her head.  She even jumped off the diving board and swam to the side all by herself.  And she went down the big water slide several times. The lazy river had a whirlpool off to the side and she spent most of the day swimming around there pretending some elaborate story.

Waterslide Utah 2011

Swimming Butterfly Utah 2011

After swimming we enjoyed some ice cream at home and then a nice dinner out with our family for MusicAngel’s birthday. What a fun day we had!


Pool Rats


This year for summer, we decided to skip joining the aquarium again and use that money to create our own aquarium. We joined a pool! So now we can go whenever we want!

We spent Saturday there. As in, SATURDAY. First, I took Butterfly to her swim lessons (not at this pool) and then we came home and took everyone else there. We stayed until nap time. Which is big for us.

By the end of that pool trip, Pirate was letting go and getting around the pool (with his floaty) on his own. Professor discovered a kick board and was in heaven. And Butterfly (the fish) thrashed around wonderfully.

She even jumped off the diving board by herself. And got herself back to the wall all by herself. I was not in the pool at all.

Wow she is growing up!

So the first thing she said this morning was, “Let’s go to the pool!” The boys piped up after her, “Pool!” So that’s what we did when Daddy came home. We went until it closed. It was awesome. This is going to be so much fun!

What’s not so fun? All the wet towels. And wet swim suits hanging over every door.


Adventure #3


Hey look at us on our hand picked (by Flower) adventure of the week. Since we had no power earlier this week, we kind of missed out on a few adventures planned out. This one was not to be missed though. We did this last year and it’s been on the top of our to-do list since Flower joined us in June. Sadly, it’s one of our last things to do with her!

Boy it’s bright out here in the water.

Fun at lake with Flower 1

Struggling with 2 boys, their life jackets, and their sister.

Fun at lake with Flower 2

Help! The ship is sinking!

Fun at lake with Flower 3

And what we did the rest of the day: Butterfly swimming and doing amazingly well, Pirate chasing her, and Flower chasing Pirate.

Fun at Cunningham Falls

Where is Professor? Attached to my side like a leech.

So my fingers fell asleep 2 times today with the grip that Professor had on my hands. He REALLY doesn’t want to be in the water by himself. I think he let go 3 times today, to just turn around and anxiously beg, “I got you?! I got you?!”

Pirate, on the other hand, is trying his dog gone best to keep up with Butterfly. He can basically swim all by himself in the life jacket. He can turn, go forward, go backwards and get away from you. When he gets stuck on his back in the life jacket (those jackets are meant to flip you to your back), he can flip himself over and keep on going. Truly amazing, let me tell you.

On the way to the lake it stormed big time. Thunder, lightning, hail, the works. Luckily, the storm broke right before we got to the lake and we had a swimmingly good time.


PS- Thanks to Lolli for the loan of her camera! I thought maybe I’d be able to handle not having this waterproof camera in my life anymore. But I just can’t. I’m now in the market for a newer version, a Pentax Optio W80 or W90. Donations towards the cause are welcome.

Five Things


5 things about today.  Ready?  Go.

1.  My back itches.  Seriously I want to rub up and down on a tree like bears do.  Itch itch itch itch!  Guess that means my sunburn from the beach is healing.  Itch!

2.  We took the boys swimming at Lolli‘s pool today and they did SO good.  So did Butterfly!  Pirate can get himself around the pool by himself (and his floaty) and turn right side up when he lists to the side.  Professor by the end of the hour or so that we were there, would at least let go of your hands and try to propel himself forward.  Pretty awesome for their first time in a big pool.  Ever.  AND!  Butterfly went off the diving board and swam to the side all by herself.  I was one proud mommy!

3.  I got to hold a new baby today and it felt just SO good.  I love babies.

4.  I forgot how awesome it is to commute in traffic here.  It’s awesome, let me tell you!

5.  My underwater camera is dead dead dead.  Unfix-able dead.  It’s so horribly sad I can’t think about it.  But you can check out Lolli‘s blog today and see the cute pictures she took of the boys with her camera that WAS just like mine.  Did I mention mine is dead?