First Day of Summer


It’s our first day of our first summer vacation ever!  Yay!  Last night, we made a list of things we’d like to do this summer.  Everyone got to add something to it, even Flower.  Everyone’s top pick?  BEACH TRIP!  (Professor has been asking to go to the beach all day today because we told them we are going later in the summer.)

Other top billing things for the summer?  Pool trips, new playgrounds, gardening, Just Dance 2-off with friends, and Annapolis.  We are going to have one fun filled summer!  I can’t wait.

To celebrate no school today (or any day for 70 odd days) we went to the Amish Market and had breakfast.  Butterfly had 2 chocolate chip pancakes.  She put every single kind of jam on them.  And then the strawberry jam they leave on the table.  And the peanut butter topping.  Then syrup.  Mmm….

The boys each tried to eat a pancake with butter and strawberry jam on it.  Flower had eggs, pancakes, bacon.  I had one, lone egg.  Sad but true.  This diet better be worth it.  And the day I get to be off, I’m totally going to the Amish Market for breakfast!

We then played at a new play ground next to the Amish Market.  They had a slide made out of rolling bars.  The kids and Flower had such a fun time with that!  I took a bunch of pictures.  (Which you won’t see today because my Internet is spotty and I’m too tired to fight with it.)

We then came home for lunch, naps, and rest time.  Juice came home.  We had dinner.

Since we went to have ice cream to celebrate the first day of school, we thought we needed ice cream to celebrate the last day of school too!  Yesterday was too busy so we went today.  Everyone loved their ice cream.  I enjoyed an apple.

This summer is going to be fun!  I just know it!


Starting Off June


I think I am a very list oriented person.  I like to see the steps all laid out, and I like to check them off.  Since there seems to be some things starting in June, let’s start off with a list for the month!

There, June.  In a nutshell.

Are you sure you want me to write every day?


[edited to add] I can’t believe I forgot one of the biggest things I’m doing this month!  Hello new healthy living and eating plan.  It’s tough, it’s involved, and I’m nervous about it.  You might hear about this one more than any of the others this month, and for the next 3 months!  (Which is how long, I’m told, this takes.  On average.)

GMYBS: End of Summer


So today was the last day of Butterfly’s first 5 years of eternal summer.  Mine too I think.  Because now, things will follow a very set schedule.  And will follow a very set schedule until the boys move out of the house.  Looking back at it, I really didn’t know what a good thing I had!

We went and toured her classroom today.  We met the music teacher (on the way to the cafeteria) and the gym teacher (on the way to the cafeteria) and the nurse (on the way to the cafeteria) and the librarians…on the way to the cafeteria.  Which we never did find.  I sure hope they tell her where to go to eat lunch!

Mrs. Madeline is kind.  All the other teachers we met said that very word.  I’m so glad to hear it.  Because Butterfly, for all her boisterous-ness, she is a very gentle soul, sweet, and is easily upset.  I was hoping that she would have a teacher that was kind.  Butterfly drew a picture for her teacher and wrote on it “I love teacher” and gave it to her today.  Mrs. Madeline was thrilled and put it right up next to her desk.  The best reaction I could have hoped for.

Even with all this positive school vibes we’re getting here, I’m going to miss our vacation together.  Lazy days of staying in our pajamas in the fall and winter, going wherever we want, whenever we want.  Taking an hour talking over breakfast because we can.  So here’s a picture to remember summer by.

Looking forward to the next stage in our life!


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Kids and Summertime


Today I asked Butterfly what she wanted to do with her summer to make it a good one for her.  Here are her answers:

1. GO TO THE BEACH!  When are we going to the beach?  Is it tomorrow?  When is next week?  Is it the day after tomorrow?  Is today tomorrow?  Can we go to the beach tomorrow please?

2.  Go to the pool.

3.  Have popsicles.

4.  Read books.

5.  Play outside.

6.  Roast marshmallows and have s’mores.

Sounds like a pretty good list to me!  I think we can do all of these things this summer.  Especially that beach trip.  I hope she has a good time and enjoys every second of it.  I’ve done a ton of planning for it to make it go smoothly.  Hopefully it will!

Riding with Daddy

I love that her summer list is so simple.  (Except for that beach trip.)  I hope that all her summer wants will be so simple.


Welcome to Summer!


Just because we are back from vacation a mere 24 hours ago doesn’t mean that we should take a day to relax.  Oh no.  I know!  Let’s go to the farmer’s market!  Like we always do on Thursdays in the summer.  I love summer and Thursdays.  Today we got a ton of tiny and sweet strawberries.  Also some potatoes and apples.  The apples were good too!

I also went to the store because we had no food in the house.  And after buying a ton of staples, I come home to another list of things to buy that we don’t have.  Like butter.  And syrup.  That would have been good for dinner tonight.  Pancakes.  Yeah.

Juice also stayed home from work today with a fever and a horrible, horrible cough.  All the kids have this awful cough now and green tinged snot.  Flower and I also have throat tickles so I imagine we’ll be coughing soon enough.

Hello to you too summer!