Earlier today I had an idea for a blog post.  And not one of these “this is what I did today” posts that I always do.  BUT, between caring for 4 kids 2 and under today (2 were mine, 2 were a friend’s), having a presidency meeting, school pick up and convoy with a few teachers (Butterfly is STILL crying at school), dinner, beds, and no naps for anyone, the idea has been beaten out of my head.

Hey look!  What I did today!  Gah…

Quick, insert list of random thoughts before I type anything more about my day!

1.  I think I might be addicted to Groupon.  Seriously, I have gotten some really cool things from there for pennies on the dollar.  Mostly movie tickets.  Which we haven’t used.  BUT!  It’s a deal!  Also: Shnoops.  (Yay for 18 pairs of new socks for the boys for $9!)

2.  I need to stop looking at stuff on Craig’s List.  Not that I buy anything…I just window shop.  A lot.

3.  Butterfly has the most beautiful dress for the Renacance Fair and Halloween.  Seriously, it’s stunning.  I can’t wait to show it to you!  The boys are going to look quite handsome too.  This weekend should be fun!