Question of the Week: Stuff


This week’s Multiples and More question is about stuff:

What are your favorite products for your multiples?

I asked this question to Juice and he said, “Fruit snacks!”  And after having a nice long discussion about toys, gifts and baby twins, we landed on one thing.  The one product for our multiples that we have given a first name to.  The one thing that I seriously don’t think we could live without.


Bob is freedom to me.  To us!  Bob is a pack mule, a bed, a swing, a roller coaster, our stroller.  We take him everywhere.  To the beach where we load him up with so much stuff it’s amazing the wheels are still turning.  I’ve put 6 kids on that stroller and pushed it around Harper’s Ferry, WV (one very hilly town).  I’ve taken it to the fair, the doctor, and several states.  The one place I haven’t taken Bob is the airport.  I’m afraid that he will be damaged and I can’t imagine life without Bob.  (See here for more thoughts on Bob.)

On to the follow up questions!

No but sometimes I wish I did.  They fight over who gets to push the stroller sometimes.

I think a stroller is probably the on thing that you WANT to get away with buying one of.  It’s kind of hard to push 2 strollers at the same time.  I know, I’ve tried.  Besides, Bob pushes like a dream and turns on a dime AND fits through any doors that are wheelchair accessible.  I see no reason to buy anything BUT a Bob but that’s just me.  (Just for the record, the boys are 2 and seriously you can not buy just ONE of a toy.  Just sayin’.)

I don’t have b/g multiples but I really don’t think it matters.  The boys wear Butterfly’s old pjs.  They used to use her pink blankets before they got their lovies.  They play equally with princesses and ponies as they do cars and trains.  Although all 3 of my kids shun the pink plates and fight over who DOESN’T have to use it.  That’s annoying.

Oh there were a lot of things I never used.  Like review mirror car seat thingies.  The DVD player that sucks batteries…I should have just bought a used ipod or something for each of them.  Cheep picture frames.  Only one of certain toys.

Pony Throw Up

Clearly, I don’t.  We do have A LOT of toys.  And I do try to keep them rotated.  I’m just not sure how the above happens almost every day.

Oh wait, I think I do!  It’s called The Wave of Destruction!