Tales of a Power Refuge


Sunday night we had an amazing storm.  Huge claps of thunder, bright flashes of lighting, driving rain, high winds, the works.  Pirate even asked if he could take the “dundar!” (thunder) up to nap with him.  Our power flickered several times but when the sun blazed out for a brilliant sunset, we thought we were safe.

Around 5pm, the power went out.  And it never came back on.  So we went outside and gave the boys hair cuts to pass the time.  And scrambled for flashlights to put the kids to bed.  We went to bed ourselves and figured the power would come on sometime in the night.

Monday morning brought us no power.  Happily, the storm brought us some cooler temperatures so it wasn’t too bad.  Yet.  After doing some more scrambling, we were able to spend the afternoon with Lolli in hopes that our power would come back on.  We had dinner with them and their family, and went back home in hopes that the power was back on.

No luck.

Today was shown to be hotter than yesterday.  After dropping the kids off at Lolli’s again, I went to a meeting for church.  I took the boys home to nap and crashed hard myself.  When I woke up from the nap, the power was back on!  After almost 48 hours of no power and a fridge full of spoiled food, we now have power again.

Let me tell you, it’s stressful to have no power.  I’m just happy it’s back on!