It Snowed. Again!


So today we went sledding again.  This time with friends.  And this time in the snow!  You guys really missed out on some awesome cold, wet, fun we had.

Never fear, though…watch the video below and you can have the experience of sledding with me and Butterfly! (Yesterday)

That is Butterfly doing her “reporter voice” on the video.


Our First Snow


On Friday, we went to the store after we dropped Butterfly off at school.  By the time we left the store, it had started snowing!  And since I had my brand new camera in my purse (where my old one used to live), I snapped a shot of the boys in the parking lot and the snow.  I seriously didn’t think the snow would last till we got home.

First Snow Parking Lot

But it was still snowing when we got there.  And it was still snowing as I unloaded the car.  The boys and I stayed outside for another 20 minutes or so playing in the snow.  Pirate ran around with his tongue hanging out yelling, “I wick it-tt!  I wick it-tt!”

First Snow Pirate

Professor had his beloved train (toy of the week here) and ended up making train tracks on our steps.

First Snow Professor

We only got a light dusting, but it was enough for us to be excited about the snow. I hope we get at least one decent storm this year and can go sledding!

Last winter was good. I could do last year again. :)


PS- Thoughts on the camera…I like it but it needs getting used to. I don’t like how it seems to focus on things behind the kids, and not on the kids directly. Still, it’s waterproof and that was nice during our little shoot today.