Tired. No energy.


Today was not a busy day.  I dropped Butterfly off at school and then went to the grocery story with a friend.  We had lunch, and naps, and Juice came home.  He helped me clean the house until I had to go get Butterfly from school.

Friends came over for a little puppy party thing.  (More on that later.)

Then we watched tv after dinner.  This is a HUGE treat since we rarely watch tv before bed.  I was just too tired to referee.

So I have no idea why I am SO stinking tired today.  Could it be because I stayed up way past midnight last night?  Or the hottest summer on record?  Which included today’s 97 degree heat.  In late September!  The leaves aren’t just changing for fall, they are burning on the edges.  It’s hot here!

Or maybe it’s the fact that Juice had a major project due at work and has been at work for hours and hours and hours.  More than normal.  He came home around midnight last night.  So I’ve been dealing with kiddos non-stop for 4 days.  Not that it’s bad…I love to do it.

Apparently it makes me tired though.  Good night!


Question of the Week: Crying It Out


This week’s question of the week at the Multiples and More site is about crying it out. 

Crying it out is a way to sleep train your kids, by letting them cry in their beds until they fall asleep.  Putting it like that it seems pretty harsh but I don’t think it is.
How do you feel about CIO?
I think you have to do whatever you feel you need to do in order to get sleep.  Everyone needs sleep.  Everyone.  Kids, parents, dogs, the turtle.  Everyone.  And if co-sleeping, crying it out, or another sleep method works for you, it works!  And when everyone sleeps, everyone is happier.
  • Did you use this method for sleep training? Are you against it?
I’m not against it.  We used it with Butterfly.  Butterfly was a horrible sleeper.  And crying it out for her was horrible.  There was a lot of crying.  A lot.  And there was a lot of crawling out of her room.  And a lot of tears.  And a lot of late night wakings and even more crying.  Mostly from me.  Sleep and Butterfly was never a good combination.
Now the boys were champion sleepers and always have been.  We’ve never really had to cry it out with them because they just slept.  I can’t explain it.  If they had been my first kids I would have thought I was this amazing parent!  But now I know that a lot of the sleeping issues kids have are individual to them.  Or I’ve become more calloused to the crying.  Either way, everyone sleeps now and it’s good.
  • How well did/do your multiples sleep?

Like I said, the boys are great sleepers.  All 3 kids are in one room now.  And they sleep.  They all sleep really well.  They sleep through each other screaming.  They sleep through us changing Butterfly’s sheets in the middle of the night.  They sleep through people being sick, people needing some extra loving, and Butterfly’s crazy talking.  And if they do wake up, they drop right back off to sleep.  It’s awesome.  And I’m super lucky.  I know.

  • Do you think you are/were more likely to allow a child to CIO because he/she is a multiple?

Nope, I think this has nothing to do with it.  We did it with just one kid.

  • What instances do you think it is appropriate, or inappropriate to allow a child to CIO?
I think it’s not a good idea to let kids cry it out when they are sick.  And sometimes, kids just need a little extra love and attention at bedtime.  I think that those requests/need for attention at bedtime need to have a limit though.  Butterfly wants to cuddle at night lately.  We play music in their room to help them calm down.  I tell her I can cuddle for one song and then I need to leave.  This boundary seems acceptable to her, mostly because that’s all there is.
In the end, you need to do what is best for you and your family.  Because sleep is probably the most precious thing you could ever wish for with small children.

More Sleeping Talk


Okay let’s talk about sleep some more.  Apparently it’s on my mind.  Last night I didn’t get to bed until around 2am.  Juice was really nice and let me sleep in until 10am.  That was heaven!  Once I unpacked everything and put more aloe on my back, I came downstairs to be with the family.  I sat down on the couch and the next thing I knew, I’m sleeping on the couch.  In a very uncomfortable position too!  Drooling!  On the couch!  But I didn’t move.  I think I slept there for 3 hours.  I might be a little tired.

Oh!  The aloe!  I have a story.  So I’m almost out of aloe gel to put on my back.  I figured I was going to the grocery store today so I would get some more.  Well.  Juice and I went to 5 different stores to find 100% aloe vera gel.  Apparently, people are putting out green tinged stuff that have aloe vera listed as the last ingredient!  There’s no way I’m putting that on my very tender back right now.  So we drove all over town to try and find 100% stuff.  Eventually we found 99.8% stuff (the other 2% was a small pain medication) and I we got that.  Because my back has blistered now and hurts, I’m very excited for the pain meds!  Yay!

Seriously though, why do stores not carry this?  We are still in summer store people!  Stop messing around with the Halloween stuff and keep the summer stuff out!


Question of the Week: Naps


This week’s question at the Multiples and More blog is all about naps.

How do you encourage healthy sleep habits in your children?
  • When they were infants, how did you get your babies to sleep/nap at the same time?

When I was on bed rest before we had the boys, I read “Healthy Sleep, Happy Child” and LOVED it.  Butterfly was a POOR sleeper.  She was up all the time.  She could never go to sleep without being in my arms.  I vividly remember it taking over an hour to put her to bed, with me rocking, gently placing her in her crib, patting, soothing, and crawling out of the room praying I wouldn’t hit a squeaky board.  I was not about do that with the boys because it made me loose my sanity!  So I went looking for some inspiration and help.  After reading that book, I realized that Butterfly was a poor sleeper because she was over tired.  So I was determined to not let the boys get over tired.  Starting the day we got home from the hospital, they had a bed time and set nap times.  And I put them both down and the same time and got them up at the same time.  They were champion sleepers though so I’m not sure I had much to do with it.

  • If they wake up early from a nap, how did/do you handle that?

When they were babies, I honestly would let them play in their crib until they demanded to get out or drifted back to sleep.  We never rocked them to sleep or laid down with them.  I just put them in bed awake, gave hugs and kisses, and walked out.  Still do that.  Now, they pretty much wake each other up or I let one play until I hear them both.

  • Do you have a minimum amount of time that you want your babies to sleep, or at least rest in their cribs for?

Yes I do!  Of course I want them to be well rested and spending enough time resting is the key.  Right now they need to nap for AT LEAST 2 hours at a time.  They will go for 3 or 4 sometimes, depending on how active we are in the morning.  And no, I do not wake them up unless it’s 6pm and they’ve been sleeping for at least 2 hours.  I just let them go as long as they want.  (Except on Sundays when naps don’t start until 3 and I get them up at 6 and put them down at 8.)

  • Napping transitions (this is a big one!): How did/do you handle the situation of going from two naps to one, when one child is ready and the other(s) were not?

I sort of remember Pirate being ready for one nap and Professor not being ready.  Sadly, life as a twin, sometimes things are not always fair.  I forced Professor into taking one nap because Pirate was ready.  And I’m okay with that.  He eventually was okay with that too.  Besides, I do love having one nap a day to worry about.  It makes the mornings so much more fun!  I think I went cold turkey with them and that morning nap and moved their afternoon nap from about 2pm to 11pm.  Then I gradually pushed it back half an hour every other day until I hit 1pm.  That’s where I stopped.  They will nap from 1pm-4pm consistently.  Love it!

  • If you have older multiples- how did the transition to toddler beds affect their sleep patterns? When did naps *gasp* come to an end?
Butterfly (although not a multiple) transitioned into her big girl bed just fine.  She ended her naps around 4 and a half, when I realized that she won’t be napping at all day school the next year.  Plus, she really wasn’t sleeping during mandated quiet time.  And she really wasn’t being quiet either.  So I just stopped putting her in my room (all 3 kids sleep in the same room right now) and now she watches a movie while the boys nap.  I am not looking forward to moving my boys out of their cribs and I wish they could sleep in them until they are 5!
That wouldn’t be bad, right?  5 is a great age to move out of the crib!