QOTW: Cold And Flu


This week’s question on the Multiples and More site this week is on being sick. Specifically about the kids being sick.

At what point do you call your pediatrician when your kids are sick? and, Do you have any tips and tricks for cold and flu season?

First question: I RARELY call my pediatrician. I think between Butterfly’s 4th and 5th well child visits she visited the doctor once. Okay, twice for the same ear infection. But that’s it. This year, the boys have yet to go to the doctor since their well child check in April. Butterfly since hers in May.

Unless there is significant fever, flu like symptoms for more than 4 days, or a broken bone or obvious stitches needed, we don’t go.

Why? Honestly it comes down to the money. Our stupid insurance has us pay to the deductable before it covers any visits. And frankly, I’m not willing to pay that! Although if the kids DO get seriously sick, of course I will take them. But for a cold? They will live.

Second question: my tip for cold and flu season is to buy a humidifier. Actually, buy two. Because chances are if your kids get sick, you will get sick too. Also, buy a Neti Pot. It’s gross. But it works.

Oh, and I LOVE my Xooma water. Remember how a few days ago I was sick? I was serious about drinking my water, and I was better maybe 2 days later? Awesome. I gave some to all the kids and they seem to be kicking their colds fast.

So. Humidifier, check. Neti pot, check. Xooma water, check.

Anyone else have tips?


I Should Have Known


I should have known that the pounding headache that I couldn’t shake meant something.

I should have known when Professor’s head hit my cheek and my whole head rung like a gong and throbbed for an hour after meant something.

I should have known when I started getting grouchy and cold and run down meant something.

That something is a cold. The first full blown cold I’ve had in over a year. I KNOW! Oh I’ve gotten the sniffles for a few days and then it’s gone. The rest of my family has suffered through cold after cold after cold and I just sailed through most of it.

I blame my Xooma water for that. Guys, this stuff is amazing. It’s vitamins, and minerals and doesn’t change the taste of the water AT ALL. Love it.

I haven’t been drinking it as regularly the past month or so. And here I am with a huge pounding head cold.

Coincidence? I think not.

I also have two very cranky boys so I think they are getting sick too. Joy of joys.

I hate cold and flu season. I’m moving to a tropical paradise where at least when I am sick I can sit out in the sun by the beach.


Yay for Antibiotics


On Monday it started with a tickle. Just a minor irritation. Enough that I dug around and found the Halls that are probably expired (at least 2 years ago) and threw away all the really sticky ones. I had one and threw away the rest. Really expired. No menthol action at all! My voice was all husky and tired by the end of the day.

On Tuesday I had a scratchy throat and voice. I found yet another bag of expired Halls and took them all in hopes that it would put off the inevitable. By the end of the day, I was carrying around my water bottle and drinking it every 30 seconds because swallowing spit by itself was just too painful. My voice was all but gone. I was achy. I went to bed before Butterfly did and had a fitful, drool filled night.

Today I had zero voice. Nothing. Zip. I showered and tried really hard not to swallow. Juice convinced me to go to the doctor after he looked in my mouth and saw the leprosy that was breeding back there.

The last time I have been to the doctor because I was sick and not pregnant was YEARS ago. Seriously, I’m thinking it was before the boys were born? Either way, the doctor heard all my symptoms in my squeaky breathy voice and wrote me a prescription. Then she said, “Huh, better make it official and swab your throat.” Okay!

Strep test was negative but I have all the classic symptoms and there’s always the 24 hour test.

I got my dollar’s worth of antibiotics (seriously, it was a dollar!) and took some before I left the store. One hour nap later (the boys actually slept too!) and I feel 50% better.

I love antibiotics.


Mini Vaca for Mommy


Today Butterfly stayed home from school, sick.  She was up several times last night complaining that she couldn’t breath.  All the kids were up at least once from midnight to 4am.  Which meant I was up every hour during that time.  By the time Butterfly got up the second time, she woke Juice up from a Nyquil induced coma because I just did not hear her.  She was in my dreams crying, though, so that’s something.

This morning I sent her up to get dressed for school (after a late wake up) and she just never came back down.  Searching for her found her on top of the stairs, dressed.  She was too tired to walk downstairs.  Could I carry her down?  Uh, no.  Back to bed you go!  She stayed in bed all day and still looked tired tonight.

Although she was bouncing around this evening yelling, “I get to go to school!  I get to go to school tomorrow!”  I think she missed it or something.

Juice was also feeling poorly so he stayed home too.  On my regularly scheduled shopping trip, could I actually go by myself?!  It was so nice.  I got to browse Target without worrying that someone was going to run off, get stolen, or break something.  I got to eat a lunch out with my friend Lala with no screaming kids.  Grocery shopping was a breeze!  We went to the craft store!  It was very nice.

I may have to take up my neighbor’s offer to watch my boys more often.  This was like a mini vacation for me!  And a much needed one.

Lala watched my kids tonight too so Juice and I had a date.  It was amazing to just sit and talk with him without small children jutting in.  Although by the end of the night I missed them and had to go watch them sleep for awhile.

Yay school tomorrow!


Sickies, again


So Professor spent the morning clinging to me and then begging to get into his bed.  Seriously, tell me “I crying!  I should go to bed to calm down!”

I’m not going to complain about putting a kid to bed!  But about 20 minutes later he asked me to come back and be with him because he was bored.

But then I got bored so I moved his bed stuff downstairs to the couch.  He LOVED that.  He spent the rest of the morning on the couch.  Then he had a few crackers and milk for lunch, and back into his bed.  He only napped for an hour or so, and then watched my friend Lolli and I exercise. (As we do at least twice a week.)

After we got Butterfly from school, he either laid on me or on the couch.

Pretty good clue that he’s sick, huh?


Fuzzy Head


Last night, Pirate threw up every half hour until about 4:30am.  While he slept on the floor in the living room surrounded by blankets and towels, I “rested” on the couch.  I set my alarm for 35 minutes and sat up, got the bucket handy and caught the puke in one fluid motion.  It was amazing how regular he was.  Once he was done and had some water or juice and was settled, I rinsed the bucket, washed my hands, put lotion on, turned on my alarm, and snoozed for a bit.

Needless to say, I am tired.  So. Very. Tired.

It reminds me of how I felt with a newborn.  That fuzzy haze that seems to cloud your whole day.  The difference today, was that with a newborn, you have a cute tiny baby who only needs to eat and be changed.  I have 2 toddlers in the throws of “NO! I do it self!”

Today was not pretty.  I also did not nap while the boys napped because I was too paranoid of missing Butterfly’s pick up.  I did nap for about an hour around 6pm, which is why I’m up now.

Can’t think of how to end this so I’ll just say this: Good-night!


Pirate, my Pirate


After a very bismol night with Professor (he was up and down, crying about a fever, I finally brought him to bed with me around 2am where he climbed all over me all night and whimpered) I was resting in my bed with Professor.  Butterfly was getting ready for school.  Pirate was playing nearby the bed and Juice was in the shower.


What?!  What was that?!  Pirate looked shocked and sorry at the same time.  And I knew he had done something!  Turns out he had plugged in my ipod charger and then tried to put the part that is supposed to go into the ipod into the socket.  He wasn’t hurt, but the poor cord is no more.

Thank you Grandma’s Parking Angels.

He was cross.  And crabby.  And cranky all day long.  And then, as we’re headed up to get ready for bed, he turned to me and threw up.  All over me.  And then he continued to do it for several more minutes.  Black beans and tortilla do not look good coming back up.  Especially when it’s all over you.

Once he was done and I wiped off the bigger chunks, I took him upstairs for a bath.  Juice got the other kids ready for bed and we put them all in their room.  I sat down on the couch to do my weekly phone call with my mom.  Then Pirate started crying again.  Another bath, I made the decision to move him to the floor in the living room to give the other kids a break.  So far, he’s thrown up every half hour for the past 2 hours.  It’s going to be a long night.

Good thing he’s so cute!

Pirate in Snow


QOTW: New Year Traditions


This week’s question at the Multiples and More site is all about traditions.  This time, for New Year’s celebrations!

We don’t have a specific tradition in our little family.  The past few years we’ve invited friends over to play games.  Selfishly on my part because I don’t want to find a babysitter for this night!  I want the girls to go to the New Year Eve dances.  I love New Year’s Eve dances.

When I was little, my family and I would always go to the movies on New Year’s Day.  I missed it when we moved out here, but now we just rent a movie and enjoy some family time with our own house.

This year, we stayed up with Butterfly watching movies with her late into the night and sipping ginger ale.  She almost made it to midnight with us.  Of course, it was punctuated with numerous trips bucket usage and bathroom trips. I’d rather not make this a tradition.  If you don’t mind.


PS- Professor finally succumbed to the bug.  Although he is refusing to throw up.  Diapers are going to be exciting the next few days.

Things I Haven’t Been Doing


Hey look! Here I am. Again. With a list of things I haven’t been doing these past few days.

So in conclusion, Juice and I have been sick.  The kids are healthy.  And yay for new toys.  I don’t think we could have survived with out it!


Butterfly’s Second Day


So early this morning found me and Butterfly all ready for school and out the door by 8am.  Our first stop was the doctor’s office.  The doctor looked in her ears, tsked, and broke out her prescription pad.  Both ears are infected, with puss oozing out of one.  Lovely.   She also had a temperature of about 100 degrees.

This combination makes it so she has to stay home from school today.  Second day!  Poor girl.

It also made for a very trying day for me.  I had to haul her all over today while I ran my errands.  I got her prescription filled and gave it to her right away.  And then about an hour later, after some lunch, she started jumping on the bed.  And fighting with her brothers.  And pushing my buttons.

She can go back to school tomorrow, right?!  This day back home has just reinforced the face that I know that she is so ready to be at school.  Or I am so ready for her to be in school.  Either way, school is a good thing!


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