Home from School


So last week Butterfly had 2 days of no school because of the hurricane.

This week, Butterfly has 2 days of no school for, um, I’m not sure. Professional day?

Next week, Butterfly has 2 days of early release days. Parent Teacher Conferences.

The NEXT week, Butterfly has 2 days of no school PLUS a day of early release. Thanksgiving!

If anyone wants to visit us during the fall, November might be the time to do it. That is, if you want to spend time with my school aged kids.

Of which I will have 3 of next year.

Let’s skip the hurricane, though. That wasn’t all THAT fun.


PS- We spent our time wisely today. Everyone got flu shots at the county flu clinic. Not me. Just the kids. Then we dropped off Butterfly’s shoes to get fixed. (One was fixed 2 weeks ago. The other one broke.) Then we went to CVS to get my flu shots. Then we came home where the kids played outside with the neighbors for several glorious hours. Then dinner, FHE, and bed! Whew…maybe tomorrow won’t be so busy?

My Day’s Check List


I’m too tired to do a proper post about what we did today so you get the check list version.

  1. Meet Lolli at my house at 8:45 am for an adventure!
  2. Drop Butterfly off at school, with Lolli, and then drive to the metro station for our adventure!
  3. Ride the train.
  4. Get off at correct stop.
  5. Find the National Capital Food bank.
  6. Walk two miles because that’s how far away it is from the metro.
  7. Curse seemingly simple directions.
  8. Join tour of Food Bank late but enjoy what we do see.
  9. Have lunch with our friends!
  10. Have friends take pity on us and drive us back to the metro.
  11. On the way, decide last minute that we should go see the cherry blossoms on the Tidal Basin.
  12. Drive past and realize that we’ve missed the blossoms.
  13. Go to Hain’s Point National Park instead and walk on the water.
  14. Throw sticks into the water.
  15. Throw chips into the water for the ducks.
  16. Throw rocks into the water.
  17. Meet a nice guy with fishing rod and cast a few lines in the water too.
  18. Get dropped off at the metro station.
  19. Ride home.
  20. RACE to the car because we are late picking Butterfly up from school.
  21. Thank Butterfly’s friend’s Grandma for hanging out with Butterfly at school.
  22. Thank her again.  A lot.
  23. Whisk kids back to our house.
  24. Go play at the park for half an hour.
  25. Convince kids to go back inside because mommy is TIRED.
  26. Welcome Juice home.
  27. Take kids and Juice to Butterfly’s school for Family Learning Night and pizza.
  28. Watch Butterfly make a puppet.
  29. Watch Juice from across the room try not to pull out his hair while the boys do their own “craft” of making confetti.
  30. Smirk over the fact that both the boys use scissors with their left hands.
  31. Think back and realize that they have both been using their left hands to eat and draw lately too.
  32. Go home.
  33. Put kids to bed.
  34. Fall asleep in bad position on bed.
  35. Wake up after about 10 minutes and start my chores.
  36. Clean dining room table from all the gooey loveliness.
  37. Vacuum cobwebs.
  38. Wash picture frames.
  39. Scrub kitchen floor.
  40. Write blog post.
  41. Take out contacts.
  42. Go to sleep.


Way Back Wednesday: Plaid


Playing along with Cheryl from Twinfatuation this week:

Matching Shirts

Pirate, age 6 months

Daddy, age 30

It was so funny to me to see Pirate wearing a hand me down outfit that perfectly matched his daddy’s shirt!  I thought it was hysterical, Juice…not so much.  He was a good sport and posed for pictures though.

Juice has started growing that goatee back in anticipation of his roll as “The Man in Black.”  His goatee is at the poky stage that I just don’t care for kissing.  But, he does it every year and is thrilled to pieces to be getting ready to go to the Renn Faire this year again!


PS- In school news, I talked to Butterfly’s teacher this morning while I dropped Butterfly off.  Apparently, she had a huge sobbing melt down in class.  And all because Mrs. Madeline told her she couldn’t answer every question.  Well, yes, she does need to let everyone else take a turn.  And yes she got all the answers right.  But I’m not sure Mrs. Madeline conveyed the turn taking to Butterfly, and all Butterfly heard was that she shouldn’t answer any questions.  At all.  Hence the melt down.  Butterfly and I will have a talk about this this afternoon when she gets home.

It was harder to drop her off today with that news than it was to drop her off on the first day.  I hope she does better today!

First Day of Kindergarten


In Butterfly’s own words:

“First, we had to wait a long time for everyone to be there.  It was really boring.  But then we went up to my classroom, you know the one we went to?  And we have Choice time!  I played with play dough.  I don’t get to play with play dough very often, do I?  I should play with that during every Choice time.

And lunch was cool.  I didn’t get to finish everything because everyone was being too loud and annoying me.  Recess was fun.  I played a lot on the slide.

Oh!  I got to go see the nurse again too.  She’s really nice, but she made me drink some yucky water and swish it around in my mouth and make the ‘rhrhr’ sound in my throat.  I went because I was coughing so much.

My backpack was too big for my cubby.  You shouldn’t put so much stuff in it.  And I didn’t know you gave me tissues!  I could have used them today but I don’t know how to open the box.

It was a fun day.  I want to go back tomorrow.”

She came running out of school all smiles and happy to see me.  I’m not quiet sure what happened to her back pack though…everything was gone from it except the tissues and the baby wipes.  Don’t you think that if they didn’t need these things, they wouldn’t ask for them?  I can’t figure out why they came back.

Also, if they send Butterfly to the nurse, I’d like to know about it!  I thought maybe there would be a note in her backpack but there wasn’t.  Do I ask the teacher for more information?

Speaking of the nurse, Butterfly started complaining that her ear hurt about an hour after school.  By the end of dinner, she was in tears it hurt so bad.  Uh-oh.  It sounds like she has another infection.  Or maybe she was just exhausted from the day?  We’ll find out tomorrow morning.  If it still hurts her, I’m taking her to the doctor’s.

And the best way to end such a big day?  A big dish of strawberry ice cream…with a specially requested cherry.


Big Proud Smiles


Today was a big day for us.  And it was ALL about Butterfly.  Today was her kindergarten orientation.  Our baby is going to be in school!  All day!  Starting August 30th!  I’m a bit wigged out.  Is she really that old?  Didn’t she just look like this yesterday?

Nov Butterfly 6 month

Well that sweet cute baby is now big enough for school.  She was whisked away by some very enthusiastic teachers this morning and Juice and I filled out forms.  The boys went to a friend’s house.  Then we met with the principal, saw the school a little, and became overwhelmed.

There’s so much to think about with her going to school. I guess her school is very academic. They want them reading in 6 months. They do math, phonics, science, social studies every day. They also have special classes like gym, music, technology, etc one day a week. My 5 year old is going to have technology classes. I think my parents have a picture of me when I was about that age sitting in front of our brand new computer when they were super new. Now my daughter will have classes on how to use the things. Amazing.

Because we live in a very poor area, our school is allowed extra grant money for things. They have just redone the building and will have 3 new playground areas by the time she starts school. There are 56 kindergartners and if they get another one, they will have 4 classes of 14 kids each. If not, they get 3 classes of 18 (or so). I’m impressed with those numbers.

They also have a summer school program where they preview the first 9 weeks of school all through the month of July. It’s free. They give them breakfast and lunch. For free. It’s half day from 9-1pm. They bus the kids in and out. Again, for free. They strongly suggest that all the incoming kindergartners do it.

I’m torn. I want her to go, but I don’t want to give up my very last summer of having her all to myself. I want to be able to go downtown or swimming or just stay in our pjs all day long if we want to. I want to not have to worry about getting somewhere by 9am every day. I want to be in charge of her lunches.

But on the other hand, it would be great for her to try school out when there aren’t so many kids around. It would be great for her to ride the bus home every day while it’s fairly empty. It would be great for her to have some kind of school background before going into kindergarten since I’m 80% sure she will be the only child there that did NOT do preschool outside of the home.

What would you guys do?

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