With school now closing in on the end of the second week, we are now getting into a new routine.  And it’s not a bad routine either.  I see this working out for us very well.  (Except for the whole before school bordom.)  This is what our day is typically like.

6:45-7:15am–I wake up.  Somewhere in that half hour.  Then I get myself ready before I get the children up.

7:30am–The boys need to get up.  Most of the time Butterfly is up too.

7:45-8:15am–The boys and I have breakfast while Butterfly gets dressed.  Today she took her sweet time getting dressed and I had to rush her through it after the boys and I had eaten.  That made her cry.  Professor was feeling especially needy this morning too and my rushing around with Butterfly did nothing to improve his mood.

8:20-8:45am–Butterfly’s hair and lunch.  Typically this doesn’t take 20 minutes but you never know.  I also get the boys dressed for the day at this time, and start calling for shoes.  Butterfly for lunch has been taking jelly sandwiches (no peanut butter) and apple sauce and water.  She told me today that she does not have enough in her lunch and could I please pack something else for her to eat?  Like yogurt?  In a tube?

8:50-9am–We need to be heading to the car at this time.  Because frankly, it takes time to put these children in their seats.  Especially now that the boys have decided that they much do everything by themselves.  This is a lovely stage.

9:10am–This is the absolute latest we have to leave in order to be on time.

9:15am–Arrive at school.  Drop Butterfly off and get the boys back to the car and in their seats.

9:30am–Arrive back at home.  We can do errands during this time, but mostly, we’ve just been coming home.

9:30am-10:30am–Play outside.  I sit in front of the house with my lapple and let the boys have fun.  They carry sticks around.  They throw dirt.  They draw with chalk.  They get bit by mosquitoes (and so do I!) and they just have fun outside.

10:30am–I have had it or they are running into the road so we go inside and they watch a show.  I start cleaning up breakfast and getting lunch ready.

11:30am–Lunch time!

12pm–Nap time!  They sleep, I work.  Win/win.

3pm–Wake up to go get Sister.  (Yes, they do sleep for 3 hours every day.)  Shoes, and buckles again.

3:25pm–Be there to pick up Sister.  Yes, it does take me 20 minutes to get these boys up, shod, and out the door to the school.  We only wait for her maybe 2 or 3 minutes till she is released.

3:45pm–Arrive at home.  Go through Butterfly’s folder and listen to more stories about school.  The kids play together well after school.  I think they are missing each other.

4:30pm–Start dinner.

5pm–Juice gets home!


6:30pm–Start taking the boys upstairs to get ready for bed.

7pm–Boy bed time!  Time for Butterfly to come up to get ready for bed.

7:30pm–Butterfly bedtime!

7:30pm-10pm–Adult free time.  Ahh…my favorite part of the day!

10pm–Bed time for me.  If I don’t go to bed by 10, I’m so dead tired the next day and I can’t seem to make it through.  So 10 it is!

Now that we have kind of a schedule and I have a feel for what times I need to drop off and pick up Butterfly, I can play with it a little.  I think it’s great that the boys sleep so well in the afternoon, but it really puts a crunch in my time out of the house.  Oh well.

And let’s mess up the schedule by having a day off tomorrow!  Yay!