The Things My Kids Say


The kids caught a cricket this morning.  Or perhaps, Juice caught a cricket for the kids.  They put it in the bug keeper I bought for Butterfly.  It has a long, purse-like strap.  Professor LOVES to carry it around on his shoulder.  And the poor cricket hopping around like mad inside it.  Everyone has to take turns.

When it was Pirate’s turn, he made sure I helped him count the cricket’s legs and then announced he was hungry.  (The cricket not the boy.)  “He hungry!”  When I asked what the cricket would like, he said, “He need cookie!”  and after a small pause he added, “And milk!”

Then he said, “I share with him.  I nice boy!”

Or a very clever one.  (No, he did not have one, only because he got distracted by a banana and then it was time to take Butterfly to school so we ran out of time.)

Taking Butterfly home from school today we had the following conversation:

“Do you think I am a teenager?”

“No!  Even if you weren’t my daughter I would know you are a little girl.  Teenagers are…bigger.”

“Oh.  I think it would be fun to be older.”

“You are older!  You haven’t even been 6 for one whole month yet!”

“Yes, I know.  But I was I was 66.”

“66?  Are you sure?”

“Yes, because I’m six and I wish I was even MORE six.  Like 66.  And when I’m seven, I will want to be 77.  And 88, and 99, and 110!”

“Honey, you’ll have to wait 60 years to be 66!”

“60 YEARS?!”


Silence for awhile.  Then she said, “I like being just six.”

Butterfly and Juice are off camping tonight with our church’s father/daughter camp out.  I packed most everything for them, bought them treats at the store, but forgot the graham crackers for s’mores.  Oops!  Hopefully someone will take pity on them and share.

Juice told me as they were leaving, “I’ve been camping before, but I’ve never been in charge of it myself.”

“You’ve been camping with me and been in charge of a lot of things!”

“Yes, but never children.”

“You’ll be fine with her.  You are in charge of her all the time.”

“Yes but never camping.  And never without you.”

Sigh…I wish I could go with them too!  I love to camp.


PS- I re-read this and realized that I didn’t involve Professor in something he said!  And the biggest thing I hear him say is, “I want a big, huge one!”  As in, “Do you want an apple?”  “I want a big huge one!”  Or would you like some goldfish?  “I want a big huge one!”

PPS-  Re-re-reading this and a left out one more family member.  Soot (the dog), only says “woof!”