The Morning Routine


This past week on Winter Break, we have been very lazy in our morning routine. (It didn’t help that everyone was sick some morning or other.) In fact, I don’t think the kids got dressed about 4 days in a row. Professor cried when we took his “jammas!” off him.

This morning was a rude awakening to the morning routine. (I keep typing mourning routine…mistake or no?) If all goes well, this is our morning routine:

6am- Juice’s alarm goes off. He gets up and starts getting ready. I lay in bed thinking about how I should be exercising while he’s in the shower. Wake up again when he leaves and get in the shower myself.

7:30am- Be ready to go. Go get the kids out of their beds. They have woken up sometime while I was in the shower. They are either screaming or playing. A little of both.

7:50am- Have the boys changed and dressed. Yell at Butterfly 2 or 10 times to just get dressed already! I don’t care what you put on! All your clothes are cute! Gah…

8am- Start the boys on breakfast. I MUST make this particular time or the boys just don’t get breakfast at the house. They get a bag of goldfish and a cup of milk in the car. But if I make it by 8am, they get breakfast (eggs, pancakes, bagels, cereal, or macaroni and cheese). I make Butterfly’s lunch while the boys eat. I yell at Butterfly for the 11th time to just put on clothes to cover her body. NOW!

8:30am- Butterfly is hopefully dressed. Hair is brushed and done.  Shoes and coats and bags for us and we all pile out the door. Sometimes in there I get breakfast myself.

8:45am- Everyone is in the car and buckled in. Finally. I take a deep breath and off we go. If we are on time, we miss the school bus at the top of our street. Sometimes we hit it and Butterfly points out all her class mates. The first bus is filled and the second one pulls up behind it.  To also be filled.  Man we have a lot of kids in our neighborhood.  Now you may be wondering why Butterfly is not on this series of buses. I felt like school was a big enough change than to introduce a bus full of strangers was a bit much. Now that she knows several kids on the bus, I’m okay with her riding it. But I can’t change during the middle of the year so I continue to take her.  Bus loading takes at least 15 minutes.  So I want to get out before the buses get there.  Or after they go.

9am- Hopefully we’re at the school. We unbuckle everyone and walk her up to the door. Kindergartners are not allowed to be dropped off at the car drop off place. I have dropped her off a few times if we’re really late but 9 times out of 10, we walk her up to the door.  So looking forward to next year.  She is totally going on the bus next year.

9:15am- Hopefully we’re back to the car and all buckled back in.

And then my day REALLY starts. (Errands, meetings, play dates, home bound.)

Anyone else tired yet? I just typed that out and I’m tired!