4th of July Weekend Road Trip


After a 5am wake up call and leaving in a big beautiful thunderstorm, we drove for hours north.  We stopped about noon-ish in New York State, at the ranger station in the Allegheny Mountains.  Why there?  I wanted a stamp for my National Park Passport!  But the station was closed on Sundays AND holidays.  No stamp for me.

Butterfly Flower Pirate Road Trip 2011

The stop was not unwelcome, however.  There wasn’t a much eating because there were these 3 big boulders near the picnic table.  Just right for climbing on!

Professor 2011 Road Trip

Road Trip Rocks 2011

After a few more hours in the car (and driving down TINY roads…stupid GPS), we finally made it to our destination!

Niagara Falls 2011

Niagara Falls 2011

And we saw the people we wanted to see!

Bro and Fam 2011

And did what we wanted to do!

Binoculars Niagara 2011

Then we piled back in the car and drove another few hundred miles to where we were going to spend the night. More tomorrow!


PS- Does the waterfall look familiar? It’s my header!
Me and Kids at Niagara 2011

5 Kids, 6 and under


This weekend we took a short/long road trip to see my brother who was visiting Niagara Falls with his family.

This is the very first time I’ve met my nephew, Lev, who just turned a year old.

It’s also the first time all 5 of my parents grandchildren have been together!

5 Cousins

Lev, Butterfly, Cappy, Pirate, Professor

I have a BUNCH of outtakes but I think this one is my favorite:

5 cousins outtake

Lev kept trying to crawl back to his mom and she kept putting him at the end of the line. He was NOT happy about that! I like this picture because my 3 kids are worried about Lev. They are all watching him cry. But Cappy, his brother, couldn’t be bothered. Someone is used to crying!

Once I have sorted through my over 300 pictures, I will post more about our trip.


2010 PA Ren Faire


Back from the Ren Faire and completely bushed!  Pictures included!

family at ren faire

Butterfly meeting the queen

Professor Ren Faire

Pirate Ren Faire

Butterfly Ren Faire

sad boys Ren Faire

Butterfly seat Ren Faire

We decided to do a little road trip and went to Chocolate World. Yummy!

family at chocolate world


Beach Bound


Today was spent packing, running, making lists, and crossing things off.  Road trips are great…when you’re the kid involved!  It’s a ton of work when you’re the one planning it.  From 8am this morning till 7pm tonight, I was running around like crazy.  Flower and the kids came with me to run about 8 errands (doughnuts included!) and then they napped while Flower and I packed.  We packed the car (mostly) and packed everything for the 5 of us to go.

Juice came home and packed himself in about 20 minutes.  Oh to do that!

We made it to my friend’s house easily tonight (after a small detour down the wrong road in the dark) and am amazed with the amount of bugs that hit the windshield.

My friend’s house is great!  There’s room for the kids to run around in and they are thrilled.  They were not as thrilled to be sent off to bed.  Professor is sleeping in a toddler bed for the very first time ever!  Pirate is in the crib, and Mimi (my friend Lala and her family came along too!) is in the pack and play in there as well.

I can’t believe my baby is big enough to sleep in a real bed!

Beach update tomorrow!