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Last of the Ren Faire Pictures, I promise!


Ren Faire in Words


Now that we’re home and most of the bags are unpacked, let’s talk about the Ren Faire. We had so much fun! It started at 11am so we took our time in the morning and enjoyed cable tv. Well, the kids did. They watched Micky Mouse. We had a good breakfast (provided by the hotel) and packed up the car.

Once we got everyone in their costumes and checked out of the hotel, we spent forever getting across the street. (The hotel we stayed out was across the street from the Ren Faire.) Someone had a poopy diaper, and…and…and… I have no idea why it took us 45 minutes to actually get out.

We walked into the Ren Faire and had a fantastic time. We were there during their Spooktacular weekend so Butterfly, and the boys, got to trick or treat through the stores. That was fun!

The boys were very busy picking up rocks and throwing them. That was HARD to control because they are kind of all over the place all the time. We finally shoved them into the stroller and they screamed because of it. But after hours of trying to keep them in line, screaming was better.

We rode the rides (big swings), which the boys absolutely hated. But Princess Butterfly loved it. We met the Queen of the Faire who LOVED Butterfly’s costume. Juice entered the adult costume contest but didn’t even make the top 5. We looked at the elephant and ate Faire food. Butterfly asked to leave around 4:30 pm and we were ready to go!

The best part about the day was a lady in one of the shops that laughed and laughed and laughed over the fact that The Dread Pirate Roberts and Buttercup got married and had kids!

After we left the Faire, we changed out of our costumes and drove 15 miles to Hershey, PA and Chocolate world! They were also trick or treating there, but we were just there to buy some chocolate and head home. A stop at Sonic for dinner and a nice drive home ended the night.

So happy to be home!

2010 PA Ren Faire


Back from the Ren Faire and completely bushed!  Pictures included!

family at ren faire

Butterfly meeting the queen

Professor Ren Faire

Pirate Ren Faire

Butterfly Ren Faire

sad boys Ren Faire

Butterfly seat Ren Faire

We decided to do a little road trip and went to Chocolate World. Yummy!

family at chocolate world


From Another State


We’re here in Pennsylvania for the 30th anniversary of the PA Renaissance Faire.  Should be fun!  Some highlights from today:


Way Back When-sday: Renn Faire


Playing along with Cheryl at Twinfatuation this week for Way Back When-sday!

Butterfly and Dread Pirate PA Faire

Butterfly and Juice at our last time at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.  We are so excited to go on Friday!  And sleep in a hotel!  Wait…is that something to be excited about with 3 young children?  I hope so!

Look how little Butterfly looks in this picture!  She was only 3…the boys were a few months old (and with us, along with my parents) in 2008 when we went.

And this year, I’ll actually be able to wear MY costume.  Should be fun!