Need a Shower?


If you are interested in visiting the Washington D.C. area at this time of year, make sure your hotel does not have a shower.  You will not need one!  At this time of year, all you have to do is wait until the afternoon.  Make sure it’s a good and humid day.  The more humid the morning, the better chance that you will have a better chance of the conditions being right.

Soon the bright hazy sun will start to darken.

Then black clouds will appear.

Dark Storm Clouds

A huge clap of thunder will announce that conditions are perfect!  It’s time to step outside and get your daily shower!

Butterfly in Rain

Clothing is optional since you will be soaked to the skin in a matter of seconds.  You will have plenty of time to soap up and rinse off as well, since these showers will last about 20 minutes.

Very Wet

Just another good tip about the DC area from one who knows.