QOTW: Cold And Flu


This week’s question on the Multiples and More site this week is on being sick. Specifically about the kids being sick.

At what point do you call your pediatrician when your kids are sick? and, Do you have any tips and tricks for cold and flu season?

First question: I RARELY call my pediatrician. I think between Butterfly’s 4th and 5th well child visits she visited the doctor once. Okay, twice for the same ear infection. But that’s it. This year, the boys have yet to go to the doctor since their well child check in April. Butterfly since hers in May.

Unless there is significant fever, flu like symptoms for more than 4 days, or a broken bone or obvious stitches needed, we don’t go.

Why? Honestly it comes down to the money. Our stupid insurance has us pay to the deductable before it covers any visits. And frankly, I’m not willing to pay that! Although if the kids DO get seriously sick, of course I will take them. But for a cold? They will live.

Second question: my tip for cold and flu season is to buy a humidifier. Actually, buy two. Because chances are if your kids get sick, you will get sick too. Also, buy a Neti Pot. It’s gross. But it works.

Oh, and I LOVE my Xooma water. Remember how a few days ago I was sick? I was serious about drinking my water, and I was better maybe 2 days later? Awesome. I gave some to all the kids and they seem to be kicking their colds fast.

So. Humidifier, check. Neti pot, check. Xooma water, check.

Anyone else have tips?


QOTW: Football


This week at the Multiples and More site the question was on football.

College football to be exact.

Now, for those who REALLY know me, know that I don’t care for football.

Oh I don’t mind it.  If someone is watching, I can watch too.  I went to all the high school football games (to flirt with the boys and not watch the game) and I did record college football games on tape at one time.  Why?  A boy I liked played in the marching band and I wanted to see if I could see him on tv.


Dad, stop laughing.


The question this week!  College football!

What team do you root for and why?

I root for BYU.  Rise and shout, the cougars are out!

Both Juice and I went there so it’s only natural that we would take an interest in their football season.  And their toffee peanuts.  And their mint brownies.

I think they won yesterday, by the way.  The football team, not the food.  The food there is a winner every day.

I’m just happy that the football team won too.


PS- That adorable baby is mine…Butterfly makes the best BYU cheerleader!


QOTW: Backyards


So this week’s question of the week at the Multiples and More site is about backyards.

What transformation did your backyard undergo once you had your kids?

The short answer to this is: nothing. Really.

Why you ask?

We have no back yard. We have a deck. It’s not a very large deck. There’s a shed out there, and our air conditioner. We store things on it (the deck, not the air conditioner). It’s the dog’s domain.

Here, I found a very old picture.

deck 2009

Okay, Pirate is out in the snow. Yes, in his jammies. And Butterfly is shoveling. Yes, also in her jammies. I think she actually has boots on though because her jammies have no feet. Then there’s Professor looking on. Do you see how far open my sliding glass door goes?

Yes, that’s as far as it opens. True story. Mostly because we have a dog door stuck in there. Notice it on the left. And it is through that dog door that the kids got out that day to play in the snow. I was in the shower at the time. I suppose I should be grateful that it’s fenced, the snow was not bad, and they could come in whenever they wanted!

So yeah, that’s our backyard. And the only thing that has changed since we’ve had kids is that instead of the shed holding nothing, the shed is full of trikes and bikes and wagons.

It’s a good change.


QOTW: Valentines


This week’s question at Multiples and More is all about love.

How did you meet your Valentine?

I’ve talked about this one before.  Here.  And HERE is our first date.

Oh and hey, here’s Juice take on it!

Ahhh…young love!


PS- Congrats to Domestic Diva on winning the $45 gift card!  She wants to buy this blanket.  Hope you stay warm and cozy in that!  Email me at safirecat@gmail.com in 48 hours or I will pick a new winner.

QOTW: Super Bowl


This week’s question at the Multiples and More site is all about yummy super bowl food:

What’s your go to Super Bowl/Tailgate recipe?

Honestly, we don’t really get into sporting events at our house.  But I love little finger food so I’m excited for some good recipes!  Here’s my contribution from my friend Lolli (although I modified it):

Black Bean Avocado Dip

2 cans (15 oz) black beans, rinsed

1 can (15 oz) corn, drained

2 medium avocados, cut into chunks

1/2 bunch cilantro, chopped

1/2 bunch green onions, chopped

1 package Italian dressing, mixed according to package directions

Mix all together in a bowl and dive in!  Tastes even better after sitting for awhile.  It is SO good.

Oh, I asked Juice what his favorite game recipe was and he said a carton of ice cream and a spoon.  That also sounds good!


PS- Don’t forget to enter my giveaway!  So far, I only have a few entries and your chances to win are good!

QOTW: Surprising Foods


This week’s question at the Multiples and More blog is all about what the kids eat.

What kinds of food do your children eat that surprises you?

I know I’ve talked a lot about the fact that all my kids are different kinds of eaters.  Butterfly eats well.  And loves anything sweet.  Pirate eats a few things until he is distracted by something else.  And Professor doesn’t eat unless talked into it.  Here are the few foods that surprise me about each kid.

Butterfly: She doesn’t eat potatoes.  She eats french fries and chips, but will not touch anything with the name ‘potato’ in it.  Very strange since we have potatoes a lot in our family.  I guess that surprises me because potatoes are such a nice, mild flavor that I just figured she would love them.  But she never has.  Even as a baby she was not a fan of them.

Pirate:  It surprises me that he won’t eat sweets.  He doesn’t like chocolate (unless it’s hot chocolate) or cake or pie or cookies or anything.  Even candy he doesn’t love.  Or ice cream.  He does love fruit snacks, and begs for them all the time.  That and bagels with cream cheese.

Professor:  This boy loves spicy things!  He will eat hot (not mild, hot) salsa and chips.  He loves spicy Indian food and calls it “Yummy Rice”.  He loves cayenne pepper on his potatoes (which he eats!) and his macaroni and cheese.  For as picky an eater he is, he really enjoys his spices.  Maybe I should give him spicier food and he won’t be so picky!

What crazy things do your kids enjoy eating?  (I need some ideas…we’ve hit a meal slump.)


QOTW: What Keeps You Up At Night


This week’s question of the week at the Multiples and More blog is about sleeping.  ME sleeping.

What keeps you up at night? What helps you get to sleep?

So, let’s start with the first one!  What keeps me up at night?  Well, lately, oddly, I haven’t had problems sleeping.  I am just so exhausted by the end of the day that, when I am actually able to go to bed, I drop off pretty fast.  It wasn’t always like this.  I used to sit up for hours and think.

I thought about the grocery store and what I needed.  I thought about the things I needed to do the next day.  I thought about things that I wasn’t doing in the day.  Things would just swirl and swirl and nothing would stay still. Lists upon lists upon lists would pop up and more things to worry about would come up with all new lists.

That brings us back to the second question:  What helps you sleep?

I have a routine that I do at night.  I take out my contacts, get my glasses, say my prayers, get in bed, read a chapter in my book and then turn out the light.  I use a book light so that I can read in the semi-darkness.  I think that helps me sleep better.  I didn’t always have this routine.  I used to watch movies to help me go to sleep.  But then Juice was not sleeping well (I would fall asleep long before the movie stopped, he would get interested and watch the whole thing) so I weaned myself off of tv before bed.  I think it’s actually helped me sleep a little better.

What is your night routine?  Do you have one?


QOTW: Cute Sayings


We went to church as a whole family today!  It’s the first time in 3 weeks we’ve all been.  And we were on time.  We were on time enough to listen to the prelude music from the organ.  Professor, pulled out a hymn book, opened to a page with music on it (not just writing) and proceeded to sing.  With gusto.

“Ah wehh ohh doo la pu!  Moooo peee!”

We had everyone around us chuckling.  Until the opening song.

Then Professor really belted it out.  Pirate joined him and everyone had to have their own hymn book.

Then people were visably laughing at our virtuoso.  Uncle MusicMan would be so proud.


Edited to add: Another funny saying I thought of after I published this: Professor wants to be carried. Everywhere. And he doesn’t just ask to be carried, he stops dead in his tracks, gets a very worried look on his face and says, “Legs broken!”

Question of the Week: Pumpkin Patch


This week on the Multiples and More blog is a photo link up of pumpkin patch pictures.

Wouldn’t you know it…we went to the pumpkin patch yesterday and I FORGOT my camera. So last year’s picture will have to do!

pumpkin patch 2009


Question of the Week: Bullies


This week on Multiples and More, a question was asked about a scenario.

The kid pushes Jill out of the way and says “No it’s mine you can’t play”. Yes, put his hands on my daughter. I turn to the Mom to see if she’s going to say anything. No response, clearly talking about how much tv her “angel” does not watch is way more important. So I was in a spot, do I say something to the Mom or the kid? I know she saw it, she’s looking in the direction of her child. I decided to say “I think we need to share and not push because that’s not nice” then I turned to the Mom and asked “Right?” giving the “you so better agree with me” look. Response? “Right we share”.

What would you do?

Honestly I have no idea.  Butterfly has been the victim of bullying and also the bully.  I used to be very protective of Butterfly at play places.  But even though I was protective, she was slapped, pushed, hit, and hurt.  She’s also been the one to push.  I think it’s the nature of kids to push their boundaries.  And frankly, this is one of those boundaries kids push.

If had been Butterfly (who is 5), I would have waited it out to see if they had worked it out.  She and I talk about these types of situations and how SHE should act if this happens when I’m not around.  I would have told her to walk away or come find me.  And if she came to find me, I would have told her to wait her turn.

Now if SHE had been the one pushing, I would have made her apologize to the other kid.  She would also have had a time out on the spot.

If it had been the boys (who are 2.5) being pushed by a bigger kid, I would have stepped in and redirected my own child.  If they had been the one pushing, I would have made them apologize and they would have had a time out.  (More often then not, they are great to other kids, they would have been pushing each other.)

Only if there is a grave danger to the child or if I see that the child is alone.  I typically ignore the bullying child and their parents because they just aren’t worth the time.

Like I mentioned, Butterfly and I talk about what to do if she is being pushed around.  Typically I see her stop and look at the offending child a little baffled.  Then she comes and tells me.  (She’s a bit of a tattle tale…and it’s okay.)  I tell her to come tell me.  Or tell another adult.  But NOT to hit/push/yank back.

Bullies are a part of life.  I’m hoping to teach my children to act with dignity when they are pushed by someone.  Because even as adults, I think we get pushed a little.  And hopefully, we handle things well.


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