Music Lovers…or not?


I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it before but the boys and I go to a state based and run preschool every week. Meaning that we go to preschool paid by the state and run by some pretty awesome teachers.

The boys are learning a lot there. Not only do they get to play with toys (yay, someone else’s toys are super fun!) but they learn shapes, letters, colors, numbers, hear stories, and do a craft. They sit so well during circle and story time. They clap with everyone, can count to 10 in Spanish, and answer the teacher’s questions about the stories they are read.

They love their crafts. They made turkey feathers today and decorated them very nicely. Last week we made spider doughnuts. They are always very anxious to get their craft supplies and have at it!

One thing they don’t love? The music time. There is always about 10 minutes of music and dancing time after playing and before story time.

They boys DO NOT participate. They paw me to pick them up. They hang on my legs and scowl at the teachers. They scream and hide behind me when anyone tries to engage them during that time.

The teachers and I have brainstormed how to get them more involved. We’ve tried having me leave during that time (they just cried) or having me be really involved (they glared at me and tried to get me to stop).

I had decided to just grin and bear it and accept that the boys are probably not music lovers. They don’t mind the music at home and will dance with Butterfly but don’t dance on their own.

Then last week they started with instruments during music time. The boys were SUPER interested. They loved shaking the noise shakers. And then they participated during the rest of the music time.

The teachers and I were floored! They gave me a CD of all the songs to listen to at home. Today, I put in the CD in the car on the way to preschool.

They knew all the words.

And sang along.

And could keep the tune.

Just goes to show you that you have no idea what’s going on in these kids heads.



Funny Sayings


The kids have been saying some pretty cute things lately. I keep thinking that I need a place to write them all down so I can remember them.

Oh right! I have a blog!


We were at the play place at the fast food place and I was trying to hustle the boys out the door to go pick up Butterfly from school. Professor had taken off his socks and I was desperate to be on time to get Butterfly. So I tried to just throw shoes on him without his socks.

“No! No! Socks! Socks!” he wailed. “My beautiful socks! I need my beautiful socks!”

I couldn’t say no with an entreaty like that. We made it to school on time, while wearing his beautiful socks. (I guess I should add that he was the only one out of the 3 of us wearing beautiful, or any, socks. Pirate had a bathroom mishap at a friend’s house that included his socks. And mine. Ew.)


PS- Please excuse my silence on here lately. Things have exploded in my life, and I need time to pick up some pieces. Picking up takes time, and the blog is getting the short end of the stick.

Both Terrifying and Cute


Yesterday, out of the blue, Professor declared it was time for underwear.  Batman underwear.  He declared it was time for peanut butter M&Ms and Batman toys.

Yes, that’s right.  It’s time to start potty training.

I did a lot of deep breathing yesterday.  I did a lot of sitting next to the toilet, and a lot of cheering.

He had zero accidents yesterday.



And he even went #2 with no fuss.

I told him that he couldn’t wear his Batman underwear if he messed it.  And he didn’t.

Today, he had one big accident in the morning.  Then we went out to their new little school.  And to the grocery store.  Halfway through the grocery store, he declared that he had to go.  And he did.  (Shout out to very clean bathrooms at Trader Joes!)  And his diaper was dry.

I am excited to not buy diapers anymore, but I really don’t like the first few months of potty training.  It’s stressful.  It’s kind of scary.

Is there anything cuter and more terrifying?

But I have never seen Batman look so cute.


Good and Bad about Professor


Good thing about Professor:  he is starting, on his own, to potty train.  I am SO not ready to start this.  (Read, denial that I actually have to potty train 2 boys.)  I guess he is.  Almost every time I change his diaper in the past week, he’s asked to go sit on the potty.  And then, every single time, he pees.  I’ve been wondering if it was just him suggesting it so I started asking him at odd moments.  He’s been game every time.  And gone every time.  I bet if we put underwear on him he’d be potty trained.

I, however, am not interested in letting him do this because it means a lot of attention.  Honestly, I just want to potty train both boys at the same time.  Let’s rip that band-aid off all at once!  I will wait until they are 3 and I am ready.

Bad thing about Professor:  We had to carry him kicking and screaming through the mall today.  We went to the store, had lunch out, and then went to the mall to let the kids play at the kid corner thing.  It was jammed.  There were BIG kids there, running very fast.  But they all seemed to enjoy it and the big kids were very respectful of every one’s space.  The kids ran.  A lot.  And then it was time to leave so Professor screamed and screamed.

In fact, today was an off day for him.  There was lots of screaming to be had the whole day long.  He only wanted me and I only had patience for so much.


Oh Hey!


Oh hi there!  Did you miss me?  I missed all of you guys.  But I really wasn’t in the mood to blog the past week or so.  And so I didn’t!  Amazing concept.

We haven’t been any busier than usual.  I think  the thing that is taking up most of our time is a game on my ipod called Pocket Frogs. That game is so fun and cute…and addicting!  I even have Juice playing it for about an hour last night.

Totally unrelated topic:  a video of the boys!  And their blankets!

Now that is just too cute.

And I love my ipod touch.


Surfer Boy


Frequently (as in more than 3 times a week) Professor asks to go to the ocean.

“We go ocean?  Hmm?  Today, go ocean?”

He’s been to the ocean maybe 5 times.  Of course, that’s quite a bit more at his age than I ever did.  And I know that’s more than Juice ever went to the ocean as a kid.

Butterfly has been to the ocean a lot.  She never asks, out of the blue, to go.  But every time Professor asks, she is on board!  Ocean!  Yes!  Let’s go!

Professor thinks a lot.  He is a deep thinker and feeler.  His feelings are often hurt by Pirate (see previous post) and Butterfly.  And me.  When I tell him we can’t go to the ocean, I have to be prepared for a crying fit.  But he has be best laugh, and the best smile. He makes the most adorable noise when he’s happy.  And I love it when he makes that noise and snuggles into me.

With that shiny blond hair and blue eyes, he would make the perfect surfer dude.  Then he could have ocean all day long.


Park Playtime


Today we went to the park with Vinny and Lala to get the kids out of the house.  Today was the first day at any park that I was able to just sit back and watch the kids play together.  It was amazing.  And nice!  Well, until the boys found the working drinking fountain.

But before they soaked themselves, the boys (and Butterfly) played so well.  Apparently, Vinny and Pirate were on a team and Butterfly and Professor were on a team.  They were running away from each other and all over the playground equipment having a grand old time.

Except there is one spot in the playground equipment that has a really big step.  The big kids handled it just fine.  And Pirate, the monkey, handled it just fine too.  But Professor just couldn’t get down off of it.  Normally at this point I would jump up and go help him.

Today, Butterfly turned around and helped him down.  And every time they came to that spot in the play ground, Butterfly would wait for Professor and lift him down to the ground.  What a kind big sister.

Professor also tripped once and I stood up to go help him brush himself off.  Butterfly beat me too it though and helped him get up and brushed him off and made sure he was okay.

For all her crazy ways, she has such a kind heart.  I’m so glad to see it.


Utah Day…um…15?


Today was full.  To the brim.

There was a kiddie pool.

There was a leaky hose which doubled as a sprinkler.
twins with sprinkler

There were naps (all around).

There was a trip to the mall and about 50 dresses tried on by me.  Nothing bought.

There was a dinner with Grandma and Grandpa.

There was a trampoline.
Pirate Jumping

There were bees.
Bees in Hive