Music Lovers…or not?


I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it before but the boys and I go to a state based and run preschool every week. Meaning that we go to preschool paid by the state and run by some pretty awesome teachers.

The boys are learning a lot there. Not only do they get to play with toys (yay, someone else’s toys are super fun!) but they learn shapes, letters, colors, numbers, hear stories, and do a craft. They sit so well during circle and story time. They clap with everyone, can count to 10 in Spanish, and answer the teacher’s questions about the stories they are read.

They love their crafts. They made turkey feathers today and decorated them very nicely. Last week we made spider doughnuts. They are always very anxious to get their craft supplies and have at it!

One thing they don’t love? The music time. There is always about 10 minutes of music and dancing time after playing and before story time.

They boys DO NOT participate. They paw me to pick them up. They hang on my legs and scowl at the teachers. They scream and hide behind me when anyone tries to engage them during that time.

The teachers and I have brainstormed how to get them more involved. We’ve tried having me leave during that time (they just cried) or having me be really involved (they glared at me and tried to get me to stop).

I had decided to just grin and bear it and accept that the boys are probably not music lovers. They don’t mind the music at home and will dance with Butterfly but don’t dance on their own.

Then last week they started with instruments during music time. The boys were SUPER interested. They loved shaking the noise shakers. And then they participated during the rest of the music time.

The teachers and I were floored! They gave me a CD of all the songs to listen to at home. Today, I put in the CD in the car on the way to preschool.

They knew all the words.

And sang along.

And could keep the tune.

Just goes to show you that you have no idea what’s going on in these kids heads.



When You Give a Boy a Camera


When you give a boy a camera

eye 2

He’s going to take a lot of pictures of the entry way rug.

And when he’s taken pictures of the rug,

entry way 2

he’s going to notice the door.

entry way 1

And when he’s taken pictures of the front door,

front door

he’s going to want to take the camera outside.


Once he’s outside, he’s going to take pictures of the sky.


When he’s done looking up, he’s going to look down


and take pictures of his feet.

feet 1

feet 2

Those feet are leading him to the van.

walking to van

He’s going to get in the van with the camera.

inside van

While his mom drives him to watch his sister’s swim lessons,

me driving

he’s going to take pictures of his siblings.

funny face



He’s going to take pictures of his knees.


When he arrives at swim lessons, he’s going to take pictures out the window.


Which reminds his Mommy that he has the camera and the camera gets taken away.

Which causes him to cry.

He cries during swim lessons, which makes Mommy forget to take pictures of his sister.

So if you want pictures of Sister swimming,

eye 1

You should give the boy a camera.


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It’s not {something} it’s yummy!


It’s a good thing we have a little voice to tell us how our food is.  Heaven knows we’d never be able to tell on our own.

“Pirate, is your dinner too hot?”

“It’s not hot!  It’s yummy!”

“Pirate, watch out, it’s spicy!”

“It’s not spicy!  It’s yummy!”

“Pirate, you’re spilling!”

“I not spilling.  It’s yummy!”

“Pirate, don’t eat that!  It’s yucky!”

“It’s not yucky!  It’s yummy!”

“Don’t lick that.  Yucky!”

“I not lick.  It’s yummy!”


Fuzzy Head


Last night, Pirate threw up every half hour until about 4:30am.  While he slept on the floor in the living room surrounded by blankets and towels, I “rested” on the couch.  I set my alarm for 35 minutes and sat up, got the bucket handy and caught the puke in one fluid motion.  It was amazing how regular he was.  Once he was done and had some water or juice and was settled, I rinsed the bucket, washed my hands, put lotion on, turned on my alarm, and snoozed for a bit.

Needless to say, I am tired.  So. Very. Tired.

It reminds me of how I felt with a newborn.  That fuzzy haze that seems to cloud your whole day.  The difference today, was that with a newborn, you have a cute tiny baby who only needs to eat and be changed.  I have 2 toddlers in the throws of “NO! I do it self!”

Today was not pretty.  I also did not nap while the boys napped because I was too paranoid of missing Butterfly’s pick up.  I did nap for about an hour around 6pm, which is why I’m up now.

Can’t think of how to end this so I’ll just say this: Good-night!


Pirate, my Pirate


After a very bismol night with Professor (he was up and down, crying about a fever, I finally brought him to bed with me around 2am where he climbed all over me all night and whimpered) I was resting in my bed with Professor.  Butterfly was getting ready for school.  Pirate was playing nearby the bed and Juice was in the shower.


What?!  What was that?!  Pirate looked shocked and sorry at the same time.  And I knew he had done something!  Turns out he had plugged in my ipod charger and then tried to put the part that is supposed to go into the ipod into the socket.  He wasn’t hurt, but the poor cord is no more.

Thank you Grandma’s Parking Angels.

He was cross.  And crabby.  And cranky all day long.  And then, as we’re headed up to get ready for bed, he turned to me and threw up.  All over me.  And then he continued to do it for several more minutes.  Black beans and tortilla do not look good coming back up.  Especially when it’s all over you.

Once he was done and I wiped off the bigger chunks, I took him upstairs for a bath.  Juice got the other kids ready for bed and we put them all in their room.  I sat down on the couch to do my weekly phone call with my mom.  Then Pirate started crying again.  Another bath, I made the decision to move him to the floor in the living room to give the other kids a break.  So far, he’s thrown up every half hour for the past 2 hours.  It’s going to be a long night.

Good thing he’s so cute!

Pirate in Snow


Oh Hey!


Oh hi there!  Did you miss me?  I missed all of you guys.  But I really wasn’t in the mood to blog the past week or so.  And so I didn’t!  Amazing concept.

We haven’t been any busier than usual.  I think  the thing that is taking up most of our time is a game on my ipod called Pocket Frogs. That game is so fun and cute…and addicting!  I even have Juice playing it for about an hour last night.

Totally unrelated topic:  a video of the boys!  And their blankets!

Now that is just too cute.

And I love my ipod touch.


Papoose Wearing Pirate


Today I took the boys to Butterfly’s school for a little Thanksgiving party that they do every year.  They go into the cafeteria for different stations that have a Thanksgiving Theme.  They asked if I could help, and I asked if I could bring the boys.  Mrs. Madeline said yes!  So off we went.

We started of in the cooking station.  Here, the kids were making corn bread muffins.  And here we also see that my daughter is a genius at math.  The teacher was talking about thirds and explaining that we needed 1 cup of corn meal mix.  And since she only had a 1/3 cup, how many scoops would we need to do?  Butterfly piped up, “Three!”   Then, while we were counting how many scoops we were putting in, she asked how many more we needed.  “Two!” called out Butterfly.  And she was right.  What a smart girl!

Anyway, after the corn bread making, we did a craft.  We made toilet paper roll turkeys.  The kids thought this was great, especially Pirate.  He would not let go of his turkey once we got home.  I’ve had to re-glue the thing about 4 times, but it’s holding up rather well.  For a toilet paper roll.

Then we went to play a game (which I won’t go into here).  After the game, we went to the other craft table and they made American Indian headbands and feathers.  SO cute!  Pirate was so proud of his and wore it all day today.  (Professor wanted nothing to do with it.  I think he might be getting sick.)  At this station, Mrs. Madeline asked if the boys were left handed.  Professor is.  He has a very defined preference for his left hand.  But Pirate is still going back and forth between both hands.  Butterfly is still going back and forth between both hands.

It was a fun morning for us and it was great to see Butterfly at school.

Tonight at dinner, Pirate finished early and went to play in the other room (with his little green feather bobbing after him).  We had just pulled out or Thanksgiving Little People set and the kids have been fighting over the Mayflower.  (My fwower!  My Fwower!)  Pirate came running back into the dining room asking Daddy to put on the little back pack we have.  Then he came in with a very sad face and a little person in his hand.  It’s the Indian with a baby on it’s back in a papoose.  Pirate pointed at his back and said, “Baby?”

Of course Juice got him a doll and put it in Pirate’s backpack.  And of course I took a picture of it!

Papoose Pirate

Papoose Indian Pirate

I love how the boys are starting to play.  They are growing up so fast!


The Very Busy Pirate


Pirate has a book he LOVES to have read to him.  I have to hide it because once he finds it, I read it over and over and over.  It’s called the Very Busy Spider.  He knows all the words and when I’ve read it enough, he sits and reads it to himself.

And every single time he gets to the end, he shuts the book and throws it across the room, squealing.  Then he looks at me, laughs, and says, “Spider tickle me!”

Cracks me up every. single. time.

He is a very busy boy, though.  He is my instigator.  He acts all innocent and cute and then whacks a sibling (or a friend) and goes right back to being cute.  I see him wander around looking at all the toys and then, just like a spider, he starts spinning his web of destruction.  He yanks a toy here.  Runs away to there.  Hides the toy.  Hits with the toy.  Throws it out the dog door.  He slams doors open, opens the fridge and walks away from it, and is general havoc.

But then he is the one who loves to snuggle.  Who gives the best hugs ever.  Who tells me I do a good job every time I buckle everyone into the car.  He’s the one that is asking about the other 2 kids and is lonely without them.  He squeals really high pitched and runs with his hands out next to his side.  I call this his jazz hands run.

Such a cute Boo we have!


Way Back Wednesday: Plaid


Playing along with Cheryl from Twinfatuation this week:

Matching Shirts

Pirate, age 6 months

Daddy, age 30

It was so funny to me to see Pirate wearing a hand me down outfit that perfectly matched his daddy’s shirt!  I thought it was hysterical, Juice…not so much.  He was a good sport and posed for pictures though.

Juice has started growing that goatee back in anticipation of his roll as “The Man in Black.”  His goatee is at the poky stage that I just don’t care for kissing.  But, he does it every year and is thrilled to pieces to be getting ready to go to the Renn Faire this year again!


PS- In school news, I talked to Butterfly’s teacher this morning while I dropped Butterfly off.  Apparently, she had a huge sobbing melt down in class.  And all because Mrs. Madeline told her she couldn’t answer every question.  Well, yes, she does need to let everyone else take a turn.  And yes she got all the answers right.  But I’m not sure Mrs. Madeline conveyed the turn taking to Butterfly, and all Butterfly heard was that she shouldn’t answer any questions.  At all.  Hence the melt down.  Butterfly and I will have a talk about this this afternoon when she gets home.

It was harder to drop her off today with that news than it was to drop her off on the first day.  I hope she does better today!

Park Playtime


Today we went to the park with Vinny and Lala to get the kids out of the house.  Today was the first day at any park that I was able to just sit back and watch the kids play together.  It was amazing.  And nice!  Well, until the boys found the working drinking fountain.

But before they soaked themselves, the boys (and Butterfly) played so well.  Apparently, Vinny and Pirate were on a team and Butterfly and Professor were on a team.  They were running away from each other and all over the playground equipment having a grand old time.

Except there is one spot in the playground equipment that has a really big step.  The big kids handled it just fine.  And Pirate, the monkey, handled it just fine too.  But Professor just couldn’t get down off of it.  Normally at this point I would jump up and go help him.

Today, Butterfly turned around and helped him down.  And every time they came to that spot in the play ground, Butterfly would wait for Professor and lift him down to the ground.  What a kind big sister.

Professor also tripped once and I stood up to go help him brush himself off.  Butterfly beat me too it though and helped him get up and brushed him off and made sure he was okay.

For all her crazy ways, she has such a kind heart.  I’m so glad to see it.


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