Videos, By Request


Every week my mom and I set aside a night to talk on the phone together. We typically talk for at least 2 hours, sometimes more. We’ve been doing this for several years now, and I always look forward to it.

This week, she asked me about the boys singing along to the CD that I mentioned here. I said that I had gotten a little video of it on my ipod and she begged to see them.

So by request, here are 3 little videos of the boys singing!

This one is the first video I took. I am amazed that they knew the words. We sing this often at their school. Please excuse the goldfish eating.

This next video is of a song they heard for the first time. It was SO cute how they were laughing at the animal sounds.

This last video the school always ends with. I amazed that they knew the words!

What fun, cute kids we have.


PS- I guess it pays to mention that we were parked listening to the music and I was not driving at the time. ‘Cause that would be dangerous.

What The Boys Like


Things the boys are into lately.

Pirate- He loves swords.  He loves to play the ‘sword fight game’ on the Wii and asks to do it every single day.  He cries when we do something else because he wants to play the ‘sword fight game’ all the time.

He also loves his blankie.  Blankie has started joining in his games, and frequently walks around pretending to be a ghost.  Ooo-ooo!

Professor-  He loves his momma.  So very much.  Sometimes a little too much for my sanity.  He is my little buddy.  He cooks with me, cleans with me, and snuggles with me.  My shadow!

He also loves his guns.  We call them shooters.  He went around shooting people in the grocery store with his imaginary gun the other day.  I’m pretty sure the people didn’t care for it, but I thought it was adorable.

They are both obsessed with flashlights at night.  We have gone through about 4 flashlights because they break them.  I allow them to take the flashlights to bed with them.  Sometimes they play, sometimes they don’t.  But those flashlights get them excited to go to bed, since they are not allowed to have them anywhere else.

My boys are so adorable.  Seriously, cutest 2 year olds ever!