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Last week when Juice was taking pictures of my new coat, the kids had to get in on a little camera action of their own.

Hanging Butterfly

Monster Professor

Monster Pirate

I have cute cute cute kids.


Better in Bulk

Africa's WW

When You Give a Boy a Camera


When you give a boy a camera

eye 2

He’s going to take a lot of pictures of the entry way rug.

And when he’s taken pictures of the rug,

entry way 2

he’s going to notice the door.

entry way 1

And when he’s taken pictures of the front door,

front door

he’s going to want to take the camera outside.


Once he’s outside, he’s going to take pictures of the sky.


When he’s done looking up, he’s going to look down


and take pictures of his feet.

feet 1

feet 2

Those feet are leading him to the van.

walking to van

He’s going to get in the van with the camera.

inside van

While his mom drives him to watch his sister’s swim lessons,

me driving

he’s going to take pictures of his siblings.

funny face



He’s going to take pictures of his knees.


When he arrives at swim lessons, he’s going to take pictures out the window.


Which reminds his Mommy that he has the camera and the camera gets taken away.

Which causes him to cry.

He cries during swim lessons, which makes Mommy forget to take pictures of his sister.

So if you want pictures of Sister swimming,

eye 1

You should give the boy a camera.


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My Day from Instagram


Ever have one of those days when you just want to capture it all?  Lucky for me, my ipod has a pretty nice camera on it and I spent the day snapping away at little bits of my life.

Ever seen this many?  Me either.

A friend and I went to the park and to Target today.  On the way, we stopped by the railroad tracks and watched HUNDREDS of these military vehicles go by on flat bed cars.  The boys were mesmerized!


It doesn't get any better than this!

Free ice cream with the family today!  Thanks to Carvel and their customer appreciation day!  Everyone loved the little ice cream sandwiches.  (Even if Professor only ate the ice cream out of the middle and left a huge goopy mess of the chocolate cookie part in his car seat.)

On our way to Butterfly’s school for an assembly tonight and the sky was just stunning.  I couldn’t help but wonder at how lucky we are to be able to see this.  It’s been cloudy or rainy for weeks, and this little ray of sunshine peaked out just as we were watching.  A happy sign.


Vote for Us! Please!


This week at the Multiples and More site is their monthly installment of pictures.

All of them are REALLY cute.

But the cutest of all?  MINE.  (Of course.)

Grandkids2011 278

This is a picture of my boys and their cousin Cappy (who is in the middle).  Cappy and my boys are about 6 weeks apart in age and LOVE to play with each other.  Here, my dad caught them playing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes during a family photo shoot.

They are just so dang cute together!

Grandkids2011 311

So can you pretty, pretty please go over to the Multiples and More site and vote for our picture?  I don’t get anything but bragging rights and you don’t get anything other than being awesome.  And prettier.

So vote.  PLEASE!


Grandkids2011 268

Early Birthday Present


Here’s an early birthday present for my Mom, whose birthday is Thursday!

Christmas Professor

Christmas Pirate

Christmas Butterfly

Christmas kids

It only took me 3 months to get! :)


Pictures from my Ipod


So I am new to this linky but I’ve seen it before several times.  So I thought, since I actually have a phone (er, ipod) I would join in!

I took the boys with my to Butterfly’s Valentine’s Day Party yesterday. Let’s just say that Pirate’s face (seen here next to Butterfly) mirrors my mood. Have you ever tried to keep 2 two year olds together, not fighting, and not disrupting the class? No? I’m here to say it is NOT FUN.

Valentine Spoiler

But Butterfly’s class did sing this super cute song. And I noticed that she is getting better at singing!

Butterfly lost a tooth and I was taking pictures of it. Pirate had to get in on the action. (Of course!) He is looking so big! And shaggy.


Hey! Here’s that missing tooth!

Butterfly missing tooth

A week ago (or so) I took Butterfly to Home Depot to build something. Normally Juice takes her every first Saturday of the month to have a daddy daughter date. But I took her this time because Juice was ill. (Hahaha I left him home with two rambunctious boys. When I came back, he praised me profusely for what I do and then crawled into bed. I think it’s good for him to have a reminder of why I’m so cool sometimes.)  Butterfly and I built a heart shaped shelf.  We rule.

Butterfly building

I got new awesome winter boots. Not only are they cute to look at, they leave a very unique tread in the snow. Love it!

boot treds


GMYBS: Juice Being Silly


PhotoStory Friday
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Joining Lolli at Better In Bulk for a picture of the week!  Now, this picture wasn’t taken this week.  I’ve been far to busy to take pictures it seems!  But this one is just itching to be posted for all the world to see.  I laughed SO HARD when he came into the room looking like this.

Juice as Jamie

Still confused?

Check out this picture here.  Now see why I was laughing so hard?


Picture Filler


Not sure if I’ve shared this picture yet.  This was last month when my parents were in town.  We had a little photo shoot with the kids.  And this cute gem came out of it!

Also happened that day:
Pirate fell off the playground equipment on his head.
We had ice cream for desert!


Give Me Your Best Shot: Roar


Pictures from the aquarium on my birthday. The boys LOVE love love the alligators. They call them “roars” and really spend time studying them. I’ve taken some pictures so you can study them too!

Sleeping Alligator

Alligator Eye

My parents and I went to Eastern Market today. We drove down and did a little driving tour of the monuments as I tried to hear the GPS over Little Einstein in the background. We found street parking on the block (amazing!) and walked up and down the market.

Eastern Market DC

It is smaller than I thought it would be. But lots of fresh stuff. We had a great lunch at the counter. Apparently, they have the most amazing pancakes there, but only on Saturday. I’m determined to get there one Saturday and taste them!

Fresh fish, chicken, pork (I watched them bring in a pig from a truck and cut it up right there for someone.) and fruit. Also, good cookies. The Market is open Tuesday-Friday 7am – 7pm
, Saturday 7am – 6pm
, Sunday 9am – 5pm, Monday Closed.

So if you’re in the area of the capital building, take a short walk to Eastern Market and have lunch. Or better yet, go on Saturday and get amazing pancakes!

Please continue to enter my giveaways and vote for my picture! Thanks!


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GMYBS- Fish!


Here are pictures from earlier this week:

Green Fish


little fish

Happily linked to Lolli and Give Me Your Best Shot.


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