Shopping, Shrieking, Sending, Oh my!


Shopping:  This morning, after Butterfly said good bye to her grandparents and was shipped off to school, the rest of us went shopping!  We also went out to breakfast.  And the toy store (just to browse…all I bought was a new child lock to replace the one that broke.)  And to the mall.  Did you know that Christmas is less than 100 days away?  Consider this a reminder.

Shrieking:  Coming home from the shopping, we discovered vermin in our house.  Again!  Except this time it wasn’t a little field mouse like that last two times we’ve had mice.  This was a rat.  A RAT.  In MY house.  It was a young rat.  And still fairly small.  But A RAT!  In MY house!

Lucky for us, Soot the doggie thinks that taking care of this for me is her ultimate job in life.  I don’t argue with it. EVER.  She made short work of the rat.  Lucky for me, Grandpa was still here and took it outside to the garbage can.  Ugh, a RAT!

(Side note, I know our neighborhood has rats.  People just don’t clean up well here and leave piles of stuff all over.  That brings rats, and rats breed more rats, etc.  I’ve seen them walking around the neighborhood a lot bigger than the one Soot just killed.  [This is her second rat.]  I was hoping we vermin proofed our house a ton last time.  Obviously not.)

Because of this rat, Juice actually cleaned out under our stairs.  Talk about a pile of stuff!  We found droppings all around the water heater so that’s where it got in.  Now how to seal it off…

Sending:  My parents went home today.  I miss having them around.  They make good company.  Also, they can be quite handy.  (See above.)

Suceess:  We have a winner of my birthday giveaway!  Congrats to my friend Valinda who was VERY enthusiastic of her promotion of my picture.  And even though I didn’t win (boo hoo), Valinda won $45 to spend at CSN for her, and her alone.  Happy spending Valinda!  Check your email!