Barney Birthday Party


Last year I went to BlogHer in New York City.  And we had SUCH a fun time.  I don’t think I ever mentioned that I won something huge there.  A birthday party from PBS Kids Sprout (yes, the tv station) Barney and Chica.

And since my kids birthdays are 3 weeks apart, I decided to have a huge party for all 3 of them and celebrate with all of our friends!


PBS Sprout was great to work with, and really all I had to do was show up.  And tell our friends where the party was.  That was sort of a problem, because we couldn’t find a place to accommodate Barney!  Eventually we did find a place and everyone had a grand time!

First off was Chica and one of their morning hosts, Sean.  This was so much fun!  They performed for awhile, and all the kids laughed and played with Sean and Chica.  Then they got to come up and meet them, which was my favorite part.  Both Sean and Chica were so engaging with the kids and my kids LOVED them.



A story, some “Chica-cize” and visiting with friends made us all hungry!  We had an awesome lunch, thanks to the lovely people at Marriott (where we also had the party.)  Mac and cheese, mini pizzas, and mini burgers, along with some salad and juice.  It was all so tasty.


While we waited for Barney to get ready, we played Simon Says, with Butterfly (the birthday girl) leading it.


Then Barney, who sang and danced for us.  You could tell the kids were VERY excited to see Barney and meet him.


Butterfly almost knocked him over with the force of her hug, and Professor held his hand and said, “It’s you!”


Pirate, on the other hand, wanted N.O.T.H.I.N.G. to do with the big purple dinosaur.

Oh he loved watching him.  But coming up close to him, no way!


After meeting Barney, we enjoyed cupcakes from Lilly Magilly’s Bakery.  They were amazing!  I enjoyed them for several days later too.



Then it was time to go home.  PBS Kids Sprout did a great job, and I feel very lucky to be able to give my kids such an amazing party with all their friends.

Do you want to join in on the fun?  PBS Kids Sprout gave me some extra goody bags to give away!  I have 10.  Just leave me a comment how many you want!

Thanks PBS Kids Sprout and Barney, Sean and Chica for a wonderful party!



PS- Thanks so much to Lolli who took all these pictures and edited them so well, even though the light was really bad in the room.  Lots of red!  Check out her blog too for more pictures from the party.

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