First of Many Spring Park Trips


Our day in pictures:

Love this temperature!

It got to 81 today just about an hour after I took that picture. Wow, what a beautiful day!

On our way home from school.

Butterfly loves to be picked up from school on our bike. Plus, she’s super cute in that helmet!

The traffic here is terrible.

We have to cross the train tracks to get home. This was a very long train.

I've been working on the railroad.

Still going.


I love grilled hamburgers! Yummy!

Ice-cream anyone?

And then we had “ice cream” for desert.

Mommy I flying!

We took some flying lessons (Mommy look me! I flying!)

May I take your order please?  Please?

We tried more ice cream.

What a moon!

And walked home under this beautiful full moon.