Seriously, I Fail


So I failed this month at the whole NaBloPoMo but I have a good excuse. It’s called moving. And gutting my house. It’s really no fun. All my evenings are spent cleaning or organizing or putting things in boxes.

I like the throwing away part. That’s been very happy for some reason.

We’ve spent almost a week on the kitchen alone. Holy cow, was the kitchen dirty. But now my stove looks like it’s brand new (thanks to my awesome Oreck Steam Mop) and the fridge is devoid of magnets.

I also can’t find anything because I rearranged my cupboards.

Send chocolate. Please.


BlogHer Freak Out Post


Last year, as I read every one’s BlogHer freak out posts, I thought “Psh!  Get it together!  It’s just a conference!  You will be fine!”

Sorry about my lack of a bedside manner last year in my head guys.  Because here I am, 2 days away from going to BlogHer, and I am freaking out.

Mostly I’m freaking out because it’s 11pm on Tuesday and I should be done.  Ready to go.  Packed.  And I’m not.

The me of last year would say, “You have one more day!  Stop stressing about it!”

The me of this year says, “Not only is tomorrow my very last full day with Flower and we’ve got another adventure planned as a last hurrah, it’s also my anniversary.  I should probably spend the evening with Juice since I’ll be gone all weekend.  And what does that leave me with?!  No time to prep tomorrow.  Gah!!”

*insert twitchy eye blinking and jaw clenching*

I’m really not worried about the conference.  Lolli and I are going to have so much fun!  We have a lot lined up to do.  I’m sure I’m going to come home exhausted.  Hopefully I also come home refreshed.  I’m hoping this weekend away will give me some more patience to deal with Professor’s utter dependency on me.  And a renewed appreciation for my husband and family.

But until then, stress!

*twitchy eye blinking and jaw clenching*

Please see Lolli’s To Do List before we leave.  I’m too stressed/tired/busy to make one of my own.

Which is saying a lot for me!