Give Me Your Best Shot- Out With a Bang


This is the last of the beach updates I’m going to do.  Promise.  This is also the last time I will moan about the loss of my camera.  Because you must admit, it was an awesome camera.  It took pictures like this:

Atlantic Ocean

I just can’t get over how perfect this picture is.  To tell the truth, I’m a little nervous about sharing it because I’m afraid that someone will steal it.  But it’s just too amazing not to be shared.  Anyone know how to make a water mark?

That camera also took things like this:

We had so much fun just hanging around in the water like that.  And yes, we even had fun being splashed in the face by big waves.

And I’m glad that I have the memories that camera gave me.  It truly did go out with a bang.  Thanks again little underwater camera!  You will be missed.


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