4th of July Road trip, part 3


In the morning, after a nice breakfast of pancakes (they had an automatic pancake maker in the hotel.  It was AMAZING!) and eggs and cinnamon rolls, we headed out for a few last sight seeing things in Palmyra.  MusicMan and his family had only a few hours before they had to drive back to New York City, so we went to see the printing press that printed the first Book of Mormon.

Bro and Lev checking out the books

MusicMan and Lev trying to decide what books to buy.

Getting ready

Butterfly got to be the helper and show everyone how the process of printing books was like in the 1800s. Here she is, holding up the letter from Joseph Smith asking to print the Book of Mormon with that specific press.

Setting the type

First, you have to set the type. The type is very, very small. Plus, you have to do everything backwards!

Little proofreader

Professor is checking the type and has found it all to be okay. As far as he knows.

Inking the letters

Once the type is set, the page is ready to be printed. First, you have to put ink on the letters. Butterfly is busy inking the type. Next, the printer presses the paper on the inked type and then the paper is hung to dry.

Once the paper is dry, it is folded several times. The paper is then sewn into a book and the extra edges are cut off like Cappy is showing us.

Cutting the paper

Then, you have to glue the spine, and wrapped in leather.  Pirate (and Blankie) show us how they glued the spine together.  They had to let the glue dry in the press or the glue would run down between the pages.

Painting on the glue

Once it is ready, you have to put a title on it! Butterfly is picking out the letters to stamp the title on the spine.

Stamping the cover

Once we were done with seeing how the Book of Mormon was printed, we said our goodbyes to MusicMan. It was really great to see my brother and his family again. I wish we lived a little closer and could get together more often!

Since Flower and the kids and I had another hour or so, we decided to go have the tour of the Smith Farm. It was neat to see where Joseph Smith would have grown up and see the area. The kids are looking out the back door of the log house, into the Sacred Grove.

Seeing the Sacred Grove

And of course, you can’t go to the farm without doing a little work!

Working on the Smith Farm

The tour was interesting, and it was great to be there with the kids and Flower!

All of us Smith Farm 2011

We grabbed some lunch and headed back home. We were hoping to make it back to see the fireworks in our town with Juice.

Did we make it? You’ll have to see next time!


4th of July Road Trip, Part 2


After we left Niagara Falls, we drove 2 hours east to a little town in upstate New York called Palmyra. It is here that my church believes that Joseph Smith saw Jesus Christ and God in a vision. In a place we call the Sacred Grove.

Sacred Grove 2011

The Sacred Grove has a very special feeling in it. I talked to the kids about being quiet and how this is a special place. They were VERY good, and very quiet. And even though we were looking for my brother and his family (we never did catch up with him here), it was a very peaceful and spiritual time for all of us.

We walked past the Smith Farm and headed to the Palmyra Temple.

Flower and Kids Palmyra Temple 2011

Palmyra Temple 2011, Butterfly Pirate

And here we met up with MusicMan’s family!

Meeting Cousins 2011

These two were thick as thieves and got everyone running.

Partners in Crime 2011

Cousins Playing 2011 Palmyra Temple

Running Palmyra Temple 2011

Pretty Butterfly.

Butterfly Palmyra Temple 2011

From the Temple, we went over to the Hill Cumorah, where Joseph Smith met the Angel Moroni and received the gold plates that he translated into the Book of Mormon. We went to the visitor’s center first and then hiked the hill.

At the feet of Jesus 2011

Hill Cumorah 2011

The sunset was beautiful that night, and Flower was having a great time. This is not her first time being here (me either) but first for the kids.

Flower Hill Cumorah 2011

The monument on the hill.

Hill Cumorah 2011

It was so much fun to spend time with my brother here. And for the kids to spend time with their cousins!

Me and Bro 2011 Hill Cumborah

After a very loud and tiring dinner at McD’s, we came to the hotel room and totally crashed.

Sleeping NY Hotel 2011

And the fun is not over yet!