QOTW: New Year Traditions


This week’s question at the Multiples and More site is all about traditions.  This time, for New Year’s celebrations!

We don’t have a specific tradition in our little family.  The past few years we’ve invited friends over to play games.  Selfishly on my part because I don’t want to find a babysitter for this night!  I want the girls to go to the New Year Eve dances.  I love New Year’s Eve dances.

When I was little, my family and I would always go to the movies on New Year’s Day.  I missed it when we moved out here, but now we just rent a movie and enjoy some family time with our own house.

This year, we stayed up with Butterfly watching movies with her late into the night and sipping ginger ale.  She almost made it to midnight with us.  Of course, it was punctuated with numerous trips bucket usage and bathroom trips. I’d rather not make this a tradition.  If you don’t mind.


PS- Professor finally succumbed to the bug.  Although he is refusing to throw up.  Diapers are going to be exciting the next few days.