We Love Nana!


My mom is visiting for the week and we are just having the best time with her! We’ve been to see a few historical places, broken a few laws, and done a lot of Christmas shopping.

There has been late night talks and movies. There have been treats and fun rides on the train at the mall (something I wouldn’t do but Nana can’t say no to these boys!) There has been fighting over her iPad and zombies eating brains.

I love it when she visits!


Annual Salt Lake City Temple Trip


Every year when we visit Utah, we take the kids into downtown Salt Lake City and visit the temple there.  The center of Salt Lake City is a square block with the temple and gardens on it.  Called Temple Square.  It is VERY beautiful and I always enjoy going.  Plus, it reminds me of the day that Juice and I were married, since we were married at that temple!

Salt Lake City Temple 2011

Floating Flower SLC Temple 2011

Temple Reflection Hotel Utah 2011

As per usual, my friend Mink joined us with her 3 girls, Spider, Fair and Minnie. Flower also joined us to help out. Because frankly, we had 8 kids and 3 adults. That calls for another hand! :)

Everyone SLC Temple 2011

Nana, me, Grandkids Temple Square 2011

These 2 are becoming such good friends!

Butterfly and Spider 2011

After Temple Square, we walked back to the car across the street and saw the Conference Center and the waterfall down the building. Plus, City Creek that runs right past it. I love that creek.

Butterfly Conference Center 2011

A great day in Salt Lake City, as always!