This morning started out early and busy!  We spent the morning cleaning the house.  Really cleaning the house.  Picking up, putting away, shredding, wiping, bleaching.

I cleaned the kitchen.  I made 2 huge batches of pancake mix to put in the freezer.  I cleaned off the table, and paid all the bills.  Juice cleaned the bathrooms and the kids went around behind us destroying all of our hard work.

Dear children.

Once I fetched my parents from the airport, we all went out to dinner at the Moose Place.  The Moose Place is all decorated with hunting paraphernalia.  Some of them move!  The moose head talks, and so does the buffalo.  We sat next to a barrel that a raccoon popped out of.  Very entertaining for the kids!

They also have a very interesting desert with toasted marshmalows on it.  Yum!

Stay tuned for a fun week of touring around the town!