Jungle Fun at Jungle Jim’s


(I am playing catch up from our trip to Utah this year to see family. I’m picking a few things to focus on and highlight every week until I am done. Enjoy!)

Our first day in Utah we decided to kill several birds with one stone and meet EVERYONE we could at a small indoor play land called Jungle Jim’s. It is full of kid friendly rides and kind of overpriced pizza. Of course, the kids had an amazing time. I had a good time flitting around and talking to everyone I could.

Who came? Nana, Grandma, Grandpa, Flower and her sister (The Other Flower), Splats my sister-in-law and her 5 kids (Rabbit, Bear, Finch, Angel and Seraph), Mink and her 3 girls (Spider, Fair and Minnie), and MusicAngel my other sister-in-law and her 2 boys (Cappy and Lev).

All the kids, Jungle Jims August 2011

Got that?

We rode rides. A lot of rides. Up and down rides.

Rocket Ride, August 2011

Round and round rides.

Round at Jungle Jims, August 2011

We drove cars.

Bumper Cars, August 2011

We had lots of pizza and soda.

Pizza Party August 2011

We spent time with our cousins.

Finch, Pirate, Rabbit August 2011

And we stopped at the candy machines on the way out.

Candy Machine Stop, August 2011

A fun way to say hello to everyone we could!


QOTW: Holiday Memories


This week’s question on the Multiples and More site is about my own memories.  Yay for more memories!

What are your favorite holiday memories?

Some of my favorite holiday memories involve my brother.  He and I were co-conspirators with our presents.  Together, we made a small hole in the drywall in the unfinished basement to peak into the store room.  (Sorry Mom.)  It was through that peep hole that we saw bikes for Christmas one year.

We always got excited to see what shape of chocolate was coming out of our advent calendars together.  We watched Christmas movies together.  We suffered, together, through many of THESE:

Christmas 1989

Most of my Christmas memories are wound up with him.

One of my most favorite memories is our stockings.  You see, Santa left our stockings in our rooms every year.  I never remember them NOT being in our rooms in the morning.  It was always so great to open my eyes on Christmas and see my stocking right away.

But the best part about the stocking was that my brother and I would sneak into each other’s rooms and go over our spoils in our stockings.  We switched rooms every year.  And we both were just as excited for each other’s presents.  We went from being excited about our cool new toothbrushes together and tiny toys as little kids to taking turns listening to our new CDs as teenagers.

The year that he was in Arizona on his mission for our church, was a hard one for me.  The stocking just wasn’t as magical as it had been in years past.  It was great again when we got to do one last year before I got married.

I can only hope that my kids enjoy Christmas with each other as much as my brother and I did.


Loving Conference


Today (and yesterday) is our church’s Semi-Annual General Conference.  We’ve spent the day in our pjs (a rare treat nowadays!) and just enjoyed the talks, the music, and each other.

A highlight of yesterday:

It’s my brother!  (Fourth from the left.)  I love love love seeing him on TV doing what I know he loves to do.  Plus it’s pretty cute to hear all the kids start yelling “Unca!  Unca!” whenever the music starts.  They love looking for him too.

To hear one of many good songs he sang in yesterday and today: