Movies with Flower, take 2


Here’s a list of the movies we’ve watched with Flower this week!

The Work and the Story: It’s an LDS film.  DON’T SEE IT.  Awful.  I want my 117 minutes back.

The Emperor’s Club: Eh, it was okay.  A coming of age movie about boys in a boarding school.  This is a very common theme in movies and stories.  We wondered how common it is in real life.

Bride and Prejudice: Juice’s guilty pleasure, this movie is a take on Jane Austen’s book in a Bollywood style.  It’s actually very cute and well done.  Lots of good music and dancing.  I know it’s not really true, but it makes me think that India is full of a bunch of flash mob dancers.  When do they have time to practice?!

Not a lot of movies this week since we’ve had KitKat with us.  They’ve been watching a lot of Psych in the evenings.

What are you watching this week?  We need some ideas.


Movies with Flower Saturdays, take 1


Our favorite thing to do with Flower while she is here is watch movies!  Okay, one of our favorite things to do even without Flower is watch movies.  Want to know what we’re watching?

Ruby in the Smoke: A Masterpiece Theater movie about a young woman who is caught up in a mystery.  There is a ruby.  And a seriously scary old lady.

Benny and Joon: A favorite of mine being a teenager.  And Jonny Depp is cute when he’s really young!  A must see, in my opinion.

The Sorcerers Apprentice: Flower only watched half of it (she was out with the youth from church) but she’d seen it before so that was no big deal for her.  Juice and I really enjoyed this one.  So much he said we could own it one day.  High praise from Juice!  I enjoyed it too.

We were light on movies this week.  Maybe we can get rolling next week.


Movies of the Week, week 3


Here’s another list of the movies we’ve watched with Flower this week.  It hasn’t been a lot (busy week!) but we’ve watched a few.

Little Shop of Horrors: “Little shop, little shop of horrors!  Bop she bop!”  I can’t say the title of this movie without singing the title song.  Great cast, creepy plant, annoying girl.  Flower looked stunned through out most of the movie and was excited that the plant was going to sing too.  It’s the little things.

Little Women: I think this book was one of the main reasons I wanted to be a writer.  I always thought Jo was a stupid name for a girl, though.  But I do like it for a boy.  Anyway, Flower has read the book but never seen the movie.  This was also the movie (for me) that gave me a small crush on Christian Bale.  He was cute in it but I am always disappointed he ends up with Amy.  Flower enjoyed it and wants to read the book again when she goes home.

You’ve Got Mail: We only watched part of this movie because it’s been a crazy busy week.  I like that this is a remake of an older movie, The Shop Around the Corner.  Her book store’s name in the current movie is a nod to that one.  A super sweet love story.  Although I always feel like the end is a little flat.  Not sure why.  Flower has yet to see the end so her views on it are still forming.

Light week on movies!  And I don’t see it getting any better this next week either!