Another Video


So today I took the boys to the soccer place to play and this is what happened.

Pret-ty fun. Let me tell you!


Walking on Air…I Mean Ice


It’s turning out to be movie week here at Waterfalling Up.  Maybe because I feel like our families haven’t seen the kids for so long.  Or maybe I’m just having fun playing with my new toys.  Either way, here’s another movie of the ice…this time staring the boys!

I think it really shows off the different personalities of the boys. Professor (in the blue coat) with his old man walk at first. He takes a long time to warm up to things he doesn’t know sometimes. But once he warms up, he is just fine with it. And then Pirate (in the green coat) running off ahead, headless of danger. There is a reason he is the one in the family that fell 3 times that walk. He also went down the slide which was covered in ice. No picture of that one because he went too fast!


Oh Hey!


Oh hi there!  Did you miss me?  I missed all of you guys.  But I really wasn’t in the mood to blog the past week or so.  And so I didn’t!  Amazing concept.

We haven’t been any busier than usual.  I think  the thing that is taking up most of our time is a game on my ipod called Pocket Frogs. That game is so fun and cute…and addicting!  I even have Juice playing it for about an hour last night.

Totally unrelated topic:  a video of the boys!  And their blankets!

Now that is just too cute.

And I love my ipod touch.


QOTW: Movies


So this week’s question on the Multiples and More is all about movies.

What is the movie you secretly love?

I watch a lot of movies.  A lot.  Sometimes I’m able to watch 2 movies a day.  Yes, you read that right.  I don’t always.  But when the boys nap well and then I get everyone in bed at a reasonable hour, 2 movies a day can happen.

I love a lot of movies.  There are all the great classics like Gone with the Wind or Charade.  Then the new classics: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Batman.  Then the movies based on classics: Pride and Prejudice, Wives and Daughters, Cranford.  All of these are great movies.

But the movie I secretly love?  The one I will drop anything and watch if it’s on tv and I’m flipping through the channels?  (Before, when we used to have cable, that is.)  Legally Blond.

Why? I have no idea. This clip is one that Juice and I regularly quote to each other. And for how much I secretly love it, we don’t own it. Mostly because I’m afraid we won’t watch anything else.

Want to know Juice’s movie he secretly loves? Bride and Prejudice.



Kinder Transport


I’m not sure why this PBS show caught my eye but tonight I just had to watch it.  Probably because it has the word Kinder in it and I am really thinking about Butterfly’s school starting next week. But this PBS show is not about school, but about the thousands of German-Jewish children who were sent to England to live with English families before World War II broke out.

These children’s lives  were saved, but they were also changed drastically.  Some had parents survive, some did not.  Some were put in boarding houses, some were placed in families.  Some were placed as servants, some were shuffled from family to family.  In one instance, a man put his daughter on the train but couldn’t go through with it.  He pulled her from the train window to keep her with him.

Because of this, she went to concentration camps.  And she survived.  But her parents did not.  They were forcibly separated in the camps, and she said this was worse than him putting her on a train to try and save her life.  By the time they went into the camps, they had heard rumors of what happened there.  And they knew they had little chance of surviving.

Another man said that he had friends the vowed as teenagers that they would never send their children away.  They wanted to keep their families together to die together.  As he got older, they saw what they had done, and how it had saved their lives.  They changed their vow, to save their children.

The whole time I was watching this, I kept wondering how I would feel as a child sent away from my parents to a strange land.  Sent to strangers who were supposed to take care of me.  I would probably be terrified.  These children grew up English.  Most of them forgot how to speak German.  Some, after the war, had no home to go back to and so stayed in England the rest of their lives.  How would I feel to go to another country and realize that I would never come back to my own home?  It would be scary.

And then I wonder what I would do if something like that were to happen to my own family.  Would I send my children away to save their lives?  Or would I keep them with me so we could “all die together” as the one guy said.  I honestly have no idea what I would do.  Of course we love our children and want them to stay with us.  But do we love them enough to let them go and not see them again?  Or to send a 7 year old and get back a 16 year old, which is what one family did.  How drastic that change would be.

What would you do?  Send them away or keep them?


Movies of the Week


We’ve had a busy week here at the Cooper household.  Which doesn’t leave much time for movie watching with Flower.  Especially since she went and had some teenage girl time in the form of a sleep over. But here’s what we watched this week:

Runaway Bride:  When we were at the beach, we drove through the town that this movie was filmed in.  And Flower had never seen it!  I have the soundtrack to this movie and it’s one of my favorites.  Although, I’m not sure why I don’t own it.  It just reinforced the time period in which I grew up because I thought all the clothes in it were really cute.  I wonder if I will continue to think that late ’90s clothes are cute.

Ballet Shoes: Emma Watson is in this one.  It’s about 3 girls who were found as babies and raised as sisters.  When their guardian disappears, they had to be trained in acting, dance, etc. in order to pay for their way.  This was an odd little show but really good!  Worth a watch.

The Count of Monte Cristo:  Flower said that she really liked this one.  She also said that it makes more sense when you see all of it and not just a random bit for school.  I’d agree with that one.  Juice likes it because there is sword fighting in it.  I like it for the funny little bits in it.  And we’re naming our next boy “The Maggot”.

That’s it for movies we watched together this week!  Flower watched The Spiderwick Chronicles and West Side Story with friends.  I watched Sneakers with Juice.

Sad to say, that this is one of the last Saturdays we have with Flower!  I can’t believe the summer is almost over and she has to go back home.   I’m sure her family will be thrilled to see her, but I’m super sad she’s going.  Maybe she can come next year?!


Movies of the Week


Again we have been watching a ton of movies this week. Here’s the rundown:

Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom: Frankly this is my least favorite Indiana Jones movie. But Flower had never seen them so we watched them all.

Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade: My favorite! Sadly, I can’t get over his father and how he plays King Arthur in other movies. Still, it’s very good.

Invictus: This was excellent! All about South Africa and the Rugby World cup. Oh also Nelson Mandela. Such a thought provoking movie…all about becoming a better person and the master of your own fate. I don’t think Flower is very interested in sports movies, but I enjoyed this one very much.

Avatar: This was actually a lot better than I thought it would be. Juice wasn’t interested in watching it with us in the first place. But he got sucked in and enjoyed it. A good movie. And we’re probably the last people around to see it.

Men In Black: I can’t believe Flower has never seen this! It’s so funny and cute. Aliens, flashy thingies, and slime. We love it so much we named all of our electronic devices after this movie. So great!

It’s been a little light on this movies this week.  We’ve actually trying to get to bed at a reasonable hour.  Not always working!  But still, we’re enjoying our movies this week!


Weekly Movies


So beyond the “Go Diego Go” that Butterfly has been obsessed with, we have been watching a bunch of movies with Flower this week. Here’s a list of what we’ve been watching.

Murder By Death: I didn’t watch this one…I was working I think. Both Juice and Flower laughed out loud several times though and it has Maggie Smith in it, when she was really young. (Think Professor McGonagall.)

The Karate Kid: I love this movie! New kid moves in, gets beat up a lot, really likes a girl, gets beat up some more, gets taught karate by his maintenance man and wins karate tournament. Seriously, what’s not to love? Flower got bored during this movie I think. Personally I think the second one is the best one but she had to watch the first to get the back story.

Sylvester: A horse movie that I didn’t know existed! Cow girl trains a horse to jump and is able to take said horse to competition. (Basic horse movie plot.) It even had a bunch of actors and actresses that I know and like in it. And I got to see all the horse stuff I love. Flower missed most of it (due to her being in New York for Youth Conference) but sat through the ending because I wanted to see it.  She is so nice!

According to Greta: I watched this while Flower was at Youth Conference. It was a coming of age drama that was kind of crazy. Girl says she wants to kill herself, gets sent to grandparents’ house for the summer, gets a job, Grandma has a heart attack, girl doesn’t want to leave, everything is fine. Not one I would watch ever again.

Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark: Action. Rolling boulders, snakes, Egyptian temples, Nazis. Flower has never seen any of the Indiana Jones movies so we’re broadening her movie horizons. Also, there is a lot of blood and killing in that movie! Never noticed that before. Flower was amazed and interested in watching the rest of the trilogy plus one. Me too.

So that’s what we’ve been watching. Tune in next week for another run down of our movie watching persuits!