Question of the Week: Questions!


This week’s question of the week at the Multiples and More blog is about questions!

What is the craziest thing someone has ever said to you about your multiples and how did you respond?

“Are they twins?” When they were little, it used to irritate me to no end.  Two babies, double stroller, one adult…maybe they thought I was a daycare worker?  My most favorite come back to that one is, “Well, one is mine and one is my husbands.”  I just loved to see the looks people would give me as they were trying to work that out in their heads.  Most of the time I took pity on them and answered, “Yes, they are twins,” and then would walk away.

I don’t get that as much any more.  Maybe because of the size difference between my twins.  They look so different from each other that I think people assume they aren’t twins.  Fine by me.

“Who is older?” Why does this matter?  Just because Pirate is 7 minutes older than Professor, it doesn’t give him 7 advantages or something.  Most of the time I just say, “I’m not sure,” and people nod knowingly.

“Are they natural?” Um, no…they are ghosts.  They are part of this elaborate dream you are having.  When you spotted us, you were sucked into some kind of alternate reality and are no longer real yourself!  Sheesh.  Of course they are real.  As real as you or I am!

“Do twins run in your family?” This question I have several answers to.  Most of the time I will answer “no” and let them debate to themselves what that means.  My favorite answer to this question is, “Well, my sister in law had twins two months after I did.”  Then they get all excited that twins DO run in my husbands family, even though we know that the guy has nothing to do with twinning.  (But they really do run in his family…just with the girls in his family.)

“Which one is the mean one?” Seriously, I had this question asked by an old lady at Jiffy Lube.  Seriously lady?  They were just barely walking at the time.  I don’t think anyone can be mean at that point in your life!  My answer?  “Well, I’m just not sure since they are so young and all.”  Then she nodded knowingly.

I’m afraid I’m not a very good twin myth buster.  That knowing nod is so funny to watch!