Old Navy Super Style Coats


About a week ago, my friend and I had the opportunity to go to Old Navy and pick out a new coat for each of us to wear. For free.

Yes, you heard me right. We each got a free coat.

And how did we do that? I’m a member of Crowdtap, which is an amazing community that gives you these free items for review! It’s awesome. (Please join us!)

Lala (my friend) and I showed up at Old Navy (sans kids) and decided that we were going to try on every single coat we could get our hands on. I’m sure the employees were thrilled with the coat mess we made in the dressing room area. Coats were flying, hangers were bending, and we were laughing. I tried on wool, puffy, jean, grey, orange, long, short, big and small coats.

In the end, I had narrowed it down to 2. One grey hooded coat with red toggle buttons (VERY cute) and one wool blend double breasted blue and black plaid coat.

I picked out the wool blend double breasted coat. It’s not one that I would have ever picked out for myself had we not decided to try on all the coats. But it was cute. It showed off my waist nicely. The arms were long enough. The coat itself is long enough to look stylish and cute without cutting me off or making me look boxy.

Why did I pick that one instead of the other one? I wanted to like the red toggle coat. I did. I loved the hood especially. I could just see myself wearing it to the bus stop in the morning and not having to remember my hat to keep my ears warm. So why didn’t I buy it? The arms were too short on me. I would have put it on every day and been annoyed that my wrists were sticking out and getting cold.

Besides, the blue one looked really cute on me. Do you agree?

Coat from behind

Coat with red tree

Coat on Playground

It’s a warm coat. I honestly wouldn’t have thought that this coat could have kept me this warm. Now granted, we haven’t had any temperatures in the teens yet, but it’s been pretty windy. And that wind will slice right through to your bones sometimes. This helps keep the wind out. It keeps me very warm. So far

Lala got a really cute jean jacket too. Thanks Crowdtap and Old Navy for helping me and her look stylish and stay warm this winter!


Yay for Antibiotics


On Monday it started with a tickle. Just a minor irritation. Enough that I dug around and found the Halls that are probably expired (at least 2 years ago) and threw away all the really sticky ones. I had one and threw away the rest. Really expired. No menthol action at all! My voice was all husky and tired by the end of the day.

On Tuesday I had a scratchy throat and voice. I found yet another bag of expired Halls and took them all in hopes that it would put off the inevitable. By the end of the day, I was carrying around my water bottle and drinking it every 30 seconds because swallowing spit by itself was just too painful. My voice was all but gone. I was achy. I went to bed before Butterfly did and had a fitful, drool filled night.

Today I had zero voice. Nothing. Zip. I showered and tried really hard not to swallow. Juice convinced me to go to the doctor after he looked in my mouth and saw the leprosy that was breeding back there.

The last time I have been to the doctor because I was sick and not pregnant was YEARS ago. Seriously, I’m thinking it was before the boys were born? Either way, the doctor heard all my symptoms in my squeaky breathy voice and wrote me a prescription. Then she said, “Huh, better make it official and swab your throat.” Okay!

Strep test was negative but I have all the classic symptoms and there’s always the 24 hour test.

I got my dollar’s worth of antibiotics (seriously, it was a dollar!) and took some before I left the store. One hour nap later (the boys actually slept too!) and I feel 50% better.

I love antibiotics.


QOTW: What Keeps You Up At Night


This week’s question of the week at the Multiples and More blog is about sleeping.  ME sleeping.

What keeps you up at night? What helps you get to sleep?

So, let’s start with the first one!  What keeps me up at night?  Well, lately, oddly, I haven’t had problems sleeping.  I am just so exhausted by the end of the day that, when I am actually able to go to bed, I drop off pretty fast.  It wasn’t always like this.  I used to sit up for hours and think.

I thought about the grocery store and what I needed.  I thought about the things I needed to do the next day.  I thought about things that I wasn’t doing in the day.  Things would just swirl and swirl and nothing would stay still. Lists upon lists upon lists would pop up and more things to worry about would come up with all new lists.

That brings us back to the second question:  What helps you sleep?

I have a routine that I do at night.  I take out my contacts, get my glasses, say my prayers, get in bed, read a chapter in my book and then turn out the light.  I use a book light so that I can read in the semi-darkness.  I think that helps me sleep better.  I didn’t always have this routine.  I used to watch movies to help me go to sleep.  But then Juice was not sleeping well (I would fall asleep long before the movie stopped, he would get interested and watch the whole thing) so I weaned myself off of tv before bed.  I think it’s actually helped me sleep a little better.

What is your night routine?  Do you have one?


Weather, Beeping, 21


It’s Thursday again.  And that means my story!  This week is all about my preschool/Kindergarten years.  And frankly, I don’t remember much.

But there are stories that I feel like I should remember because I was told so many times.

Like that my first word was “Hot!” or “Cracker!”  My first sentence was “More cocoa?”  I walked the first time the day before my first birthday.

Or that my older brother and I emptied a whole box of cereal on the floor in the front room.  We had a little push car that you put blocks in.  It had a steering wheel with a horn that beeped.  We (my brother and I) called it the beep-beep.  We drove the beep-beep all over that cereal in the front room.  What a mess!

We went to Disneyland when I was not yet 3 years old.  My parents were thrilled to get me in for free.  We went with neighbors and good friends of my parents.  Their kids were so bratty and everyone had a horrible time.  (Good thing I don’t remember this one!)

Universal Studios 1983

My 3rd Christmas (I was 2 years old), Denver had a HUGE snow storm.  It snowed everyone in.  My parents walked to the grocery store down the street.  They put the food in garbage sacks and drug them on top of the snow to get home.

Christmas Day Blizzard 1982

When I was 2 years old, my Aunt got married. I was her flower girl. In my family, we give a horse shoe to the bride to wish her good luck. I was very unhappy about the whole process and threw it at her head instead of giving it to her nicely. My mom took this picture of my brother, me and my cousin staring hard at the wedding cake. My mom could never tell if I had actually put my fingers in the cake or not.

Wedding Cake Aug 1982

I loved to play with My Little Ponies and Little People. I loved animals.

 horse at Santa Claus Village July 1985

I was a tiger for Halloween one year, wearing the same hat that my mom had when she was a little girl. Butterfly wore the same hat too!

at Halloween 1982

Things that I DO remember:

My neighbor spent most of her days at our house. My mom watched her while her mom was at work. She was only a few months younger than me. She also had an older sister. Our families spent a lot of time together.

buried in the sand May 1985

She and I even took dance lessons together. We started Daisy Girl Scouts together. But I made the cut off for school and she didn’t. So I went to school a year before she did.

dance picture 1985

My first day of Kindergarten was the first day of the new school being opened. The school was so new, it didn’t have a proper name. We had too many Kindergartners that year so they put us out in the portable classrooms. There was no bathroom in those portables. I remember having to line up and walk through the snow to the big school to have a bathroom break. My teacher was named Mrs. Jack.

first day of school 1985

Every year we drove to Utah to visit my grandparents. My Nana bought this charming little cardboard house that we “sold” candy out of every time. That is, until we left it out in the rain one year and it got ruined.

the Sees Candy House July 1985

Every year at Christmas time we would ride the horse drawn carriages through downtown Denver to see the Christmas lights. When I was 4, we did it for the first time.

Family Christmas 1984

I remember spending a lot of time with my brother. I didn’t mind it. We were so cute together! He was a great friend and always willing to play Voltron with me.

Sailor Christmas

Or maybe I was willing to play Voltron with him!

Dancing 1983_edited-1

I remember being terrified of the beeping sound that a tractor makes when it backs up. Terrified. To this day, it still makes me a little nervous. Maybe I was terrified of it backing over me? I have no idea.

But look at this little lady!

Age 4

This little lady said that there was 2 weathers when the sun was shining and it was raining. This little lady said that in church, they should say mommies and daddies too, not just Brothers and Sisters.

This little lady is growing up!


Check in next Thursday for my next installment of my story. Go to Mommy’s Piggy Tails to read more stories or find out how to join us.

Question of the Week: Know Yourself


This week’s question at the Multiples and More blog is more of a writing exercise.

Write a list of 10 surprising things about yourself

It didn’t say whether it was 10 surprising to me or to other people.  So you get 5 of each.  Starting with the surprising things to me.

  1. I love being a mother.  This one surprised me because I liked kids.  But before Butterfly, I was not interested in having them.  At all.  I wanted to do things with my life.  But then I had Butterfly and I was surprised how much I loved being a mother.  Oh I loved her, but I LOVED being a mother.  And the boys made it even more fun for me.  That surprised me.
  2. I have turned into a night owl.  I used to love to get up early in the day before everyone was up.  I used to be able to get so much done before 9am.  Now I’m hard pressed to even get out the door before 10am…10:30am…11am.  Guess that will all change tomorrow with Butterfly starting school!
  3. Swimming in the ocean kind of creeps me out.  Oh it’s great and beautiful and I love it.  But swimming in water I can’t see the bottom of scares me.
  4. I worry.  A lot.
  5. I am so disorganized since having kids.  I used to be so good at keeping things together.  But now…I’m lucky if I can remember what day it is.

Okay, 5 surprising things to other people:

  1. I have a temper.  I rarely show it to anyone.  And really, those of you who know me in person, know that I’m pretty even keeled.  It’s like a sleeping volcano.
  2. I can’t spell.  And I was an English major.  Thank goodness for spell check.
  3. I am a pack rat.  Boy do I hold on to things.  I always seem to find uses for things years later.
  4. I love science.  I love how organized it all is, and how everything tends to have it’s own place.  I didn’t make it my career because I hate math.
  5. I used to jump horses.  Once I jumped a 5.7 foot fence and it scared the crap out of me.  Thrilled my teacher though.