Spoils of Twins


This morning, my friend Lala and I set out before the sun came up.  We headed off to the fall twin consignment sale!  This year, I wasn’t in the market for lots of clothes.  Thanks to many generous donations of friends, we have ALL the clothes we need for this winter.

Well, everything but coats and shoes.  So that’s what I went looking for.  And I hit the jackpot!  I got 3 heavy coats (I already had one from a friend) and 2 rain coats.  Score!

Next up were shoes.  I got the boys each a pair of sneakers that were brand new.  Both of them!  Also, I got them Sunday shoes that looked like they were hardly used.  And I got Butterfly a pair of purple mary janes, black mary janes (for church), knee high black boots (for fun).  Whew, that was an ordeal.  I was hoping to find some snow boots for the boys but I didn’t find any.

Then I headed over to the books to see what I could find.  There were several titles that I saw from last night that I wanted.  I only got one I wanted.  I still bought other titles as well, and some dvds for Christmas.

Then I bought an airplane, an airport, some flashcards, and some little people.  These are for Christmas too.  Oh, also a few trains for the boys.

I went to the clothes section to see if there was anything super cute that I just had to buy.  Nope.  I was actually pretty disappointed in the selection of size 3T clothes for boys.  Not much there!  And nothing matchy matchy for twins.  I knew that would go away as they got older, but I thought I had another year at least!  Oh well.

All in all, I spent about $150 for all of it.  Awesome!

Then I helped friends look for their things.  I love looking through the sale just to browse.  I always find something to buy!  (This time it was the trains for the boys…but I couldn’t pass them up!)

Looking forward to the spring sale!


Twin Sale, the Night Before


Today was the last day of Juice’s class.  Yay!  He came home early.  So did Butterfly from school.  I had the boys nap late to go get her, and they had HUGE tantrums at school.  Lucky me.

Juice came home just in time for me to run out of the house and show up on time for my volunteering spot at my twin club’s semi-annual sale.  This year, they moved to a new location.  They just couldn’t fit in their old place any more!

(No pictures of it this time because I used to take my little camera that fit in my pocket…which has died.  Still sad about that!)

This time, I volunteered to help set up the books.  That was a lot of fun.  There was hardly any big lifting, mostly sorting.  In our down time, we read the books!  Turns out I have read A LOT of kid books.  Over and over too.  There were several I could recite for everyone.  Besides our captain, I think I had the oldest twins in the lot.  And mine are only 2 and a half!  Of course, having an older sister really helped in the book reading department.

As always, I had a ton of fun tonight.  I got to reconnect with several of my old friends that I see twice a year (or so) at the sale.  Had good pizza and a fun night.  Can’t wait to see what kind of treasures I come home with tomorrow!