No School, No School


So today was some kind of teacher work day at school so the kids had off. Which meant Butterfly was home with us. Frankly, I’ve had enough days of all of us home bumming around doing basically nothing. So I invited our new friends to take advantage of our aquarium membership.

upsidedown jellyfish

We had the best day running around seeing all the fish. There was hardly anyone there, which is how I like it. That way, you have plenty of time (and room) to see all the fish you want. And besides Pirate falling off the back of the bench at the dolphin show and smacking his head, Pirate running fast up the escalator without anyone while I chased and pushed people aside with the screaming Professor in my arms to get to him, and well, the Screaming Professor, it was a great day.

jumping dolphin

I love getting to know new friends better! And what better way than to stick them in my car with me and drive for over an hour? Yep, good times.


Give Me Your Best Shot: Charcoal


This week these boys have gotten into a lot of mischief.  Maybe it’s because I cut their hair off (sob!) that they are all of a sudden acting like boys instead of babies.  Case in point:

Professor and Charcoal

Pirate and Charcoal

I think it was actually Butterfly who found the charcoal near our camp site at the lake this week.  She drew on the trees and rocks.  The boys picked, other venues.

Sad thing is, this stuff DOES NOT come off!  Not after several hours of swimming, one cold shower, and one bath.


PS- Happily linked to Lolli!

Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk

Adventure #3


Hey look at us on our hand picked (by Flower) adventure of the week. Since we had no power earlier this week, we kind of missed out on a few adventures planned out. This one was not to be missed though. We did this last year and it’s been on the top of our to-do list since Flower joined us in June. Sadly, it’s one of our last things to do with her!

Boy it’s bright out here in the water.

Fun at lake with Flower 1

Struggling with 2 boys, their life jackets, and their sister.

Fun at lake with Flower 2

Help! The ship is sinking!

Fun at lake with Flower 3

And what we did the rest of the day: Butterfly swimming and doing amazingly well, Pirate chasing her, and Flower chasing Pirate.

Fun at Cunningham Falls

Where is Professor? Attached to my side like a leech.

So my fingers fell asleep 2 times today with the grip that Professor had on my hands. He REALLY doesn’t want to be in the water by himself. I think he let go 3 times today, to just turn around and anxiously beg, “I got you?! I got you?!”

Pirate, on the other hand, is trying his dog gone best to keep up with Butterfly. He can basically swim all by himself in the life jacket. He can turn, go forward, go backwards and get away from you. When he gets stuck on his back in the life jacket (those jackets are meant to flip you to your back), he can flip himself over and keep on going. Truly amazing, let me tell you.

On the way to the lake it stormed big time. Thunder, lightning, hail, the works. Luckily, the storm broke right before we got to the lake and we had a swimmingly good time.


PS- Thanks to Lolli for the loan of her camera! I thought maybe I’d be able to handle not having this waterproof camera in my life anymore. But I just can’t. I’m now in the market for a newer version, a Pentax Optio W80 or W90. Donations towards the cause are welcome.