Playtime at the Plex


Today I packed up all the balls in the house and headed out with Lala and Mimi for playtime at the soccerplex.  It was so much fun to let the kids run around like mad and throw balls and get in fights with other kids.  (Not really about the fighting, the boys are a lot less, um, opinionated that Butterfly ever was/is.)

So what is the soccer plex?  It’s a huge indoor field with sinthetic turf.  They have 2 full size fields in the building.  They reserve one for the “baby” play area, and one for the “big kid” play area.  I have never been in the big kid side, but glancing at it today, there were a lot of kids running around really fast in there.

In the “baby” play area, people bring balls, toys, ride on, push toys, pull toys, and pretty much anything that needs a lot of space to work right.  Along with our balls we brought Pirate’s dog on a string.  He was the envy of a lot of other 2 year olds there (including his brother).

Someone brought a wagon and Professor took off with it.  He stacked it full of balls and then walked the white line on the perimeter the rest of the time.  (By the way, Flower, it’s the same wagon you sent him for Christmas since I wrapped it the other night and so I know he’ll love it.  Thanks!)

Tons of smiles, tons of lunch after, and tons of sleep too!  A successful time at the plex!

For locals, here’s the scoop:

$2 per kid gets you in.  Babies under a year old are free.

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am-12pm.  Closed during Winter Break.

Snack area, but the concessions are closed.  Also, $2 for gatorade if you’re like me and forgot a drink.

Parental supervision required.  Otherwise fights break out and it’s not pretty when toddlers fight.  I know.  I see it almost every day.

Bring your own balls.