Things to Look Forward To


I’m really tired tonight and want to go to bed.  So instead of some of the other stuff (that require brain power) to write about, here is what’s on my mind at this very moment.

I am looking forward to warmer months.  Seriously, this whole coat/hat/shoes/mittens/boot thing for everyone is getting old.  Also, keeping track of those coats/hats/shoes/mittens/boots when we go somewhere is tiring.

I am looking forward to actual snow.  Then that makes coats/hats/shoes/boots/mittens thing all worth it.  Where is the snow Mother Nature!?  Winter is long without the white stuff.

I am looking forward to new shoes for me.  I can feel the cold from the ground through my shoes.  A little thin, perhaps?  I ordered shoes online and I’m looking forward to them showing up.

I am looking forward to new boots for me.  I pulled out my snow boots and they cracked over the summer.  They are now no longer waterproof.  Totally useless as a winter snow boots for me.  So I got new ones.  And let me tell you, finding cute girl boots for my ginormous size 12 foot is really really hard.  But I think I found some and I want them here now!  I’ve found a drawback to Internet shopping.

I am looking forward to a full night’s sleep.  Poor Professor is not feeling well (fever, bad diapers, no throwing up though) and has been up several times at night needing some comfort.  Not that he wants me…he’s been daddy’s boy the past few days, but I still do wake up.

What are you guys looking forward to?


5 Things Today


1.  All the kids were in bed by 7pm tonight.  The boys were asleep at 7:01pm, and Butterfly shortly after.  Why?  We had a very busy day playing with friends all day long.  No one got a nap.  Butterfly was super cranky.  So was I.

2.  I spent a good portion of the day today reading about underwater point and shoot cameras.  Anyone else have one out there that they love?  Anyone?

3.  With Christmas on my mind, it occurs to me that Butterfly now has a teacher.  Do people give their teachers presents nowadays?  And if so, what?!

4.  Butterfly asked me today what three 11s plus 2 was.  I asked her what she thought.  Her answer after a minute?  “35.”  You know what?  She’s right.

5.  Trying to put both boys in the same crib to nap was a good and cute idea at first.  They both laid down side by side.  They giggled together and started kicking their legs.  It just went downhill from there.  But it was sweet at first!