Random Links


We spent the morning at the park with friends.  I pushed the boys in the swing (both boys in the same swing) and they had SUCH a good time.  Butterfly was a trooper and walked the whole way.  The weather was great too.

Really, there’s not much to stay about it so here’s a few links I thought you guys might like.

Did you know I was on the Comcast blog?  Me either until I searched for myself.  It’s all about meeting people at BlogHer.  When we talked to them at their booth (and entered to win an iPad which I sadly did not win), me and the girl got into a discussion.  Why having Comcast would be better than having Netflix.  In the end, we agreed to disagree.  Of course, she has to be loyal to her employer.  And I had to be loyal to Netflix and their Wii streaming.  Seriously, I have never regretted getting rid of cable.

For all you Utah people (and I know there is a lot of you!), you might want to enter this contest for free tickets to the aquarium.  I haven’t been to the Utah Living Planet Aquarium (that’s on our list for next year) but it looks like a fun time.  Although I can’t get over the fact that the building it’s in used to be a huge craft store that I went to all the time.  Knowing what it looks like on the inside makes me curious to see how they turned it into an aquarium.  So if you win the tickets, let me know!