Day of Rest


Since before our beach trip, I have felt like I was running and running and running.

Then when we got home from Utah, hurricane, school and life caught up and overwhelmed me.

So it was a big surprise today that I found myself with NOTHING on my calender.

And NOTHING to do beyond school, work, etc.

So that’s what we did!  NOTHING.  The boys stayed in their pjs all day.  I missed Butterfly during the movie marathon that I allowed the boys to have.  They napped extremely well.  I did a few odd cleaning jobs around the house that have been neglected.  Like cleaning that mesh thing underneath the hood of the stove.  That was gross.  I feel better about having it done, though.  One day when I’m rich I will replace that stove hood with one that includes a microwave.

Of course, when I’m rich, I’ll do a lot of different things.

After dinner, we took the kids out for a walk.  And yes, the boys stayed in their pjs.  Because this was the kind of day I was having.

OH!  Pirate decided that today was the day he was going to sit on the potty.  And he did!  And he went!  And we cheered!  So I guess we are officially potty training.  Wish me luck.